Blackwell Plastics Extends Material Capabilities for Specialty Pipe and Tubing

Engineered projects have an ever growing appetite for materials that push the performance envelope just a little further. Do any of these requests hit your hot button? Greater chemical resistance, higher temperatures, greater pressures, lower cost, longer life, thinner walls, and name the requirement. Learning, innovation and a passion for applying science and engineering polymers to real world challenges is what drives the people at Blackwell Plastics.

In response to demanding applications in specialty pipe and tubing, Blackwell Plastics adds Kynar ADX PVDF tubing, Kynar 370 graphite carbon filled PVDF tubing, and Evonic Vestodur X4877 glass filled PBT tubing to the wide variety of resins processed into pipe and tubing applications. In addition to excellent chemical resistance, low permeability and weathering properties, the unique features of the Kynar ADX allow the PVDF tubing to be bonded to glass, metal, and other thermoplastic materials.

Kynar 370 is a graphite carbon filled PVDF which enhances the stiffness, tensile strength, and burst pressure of the standard PVDF tubing making it suitable for environments where higher temperatures and corrosive chemicals are present such as mining, chemical and oil and gas industries. The Evonic Vestodur X4877 is a glass filled PBT resin providing higher impact strength and greater strain at break than the unfilled PBT resin. These materials extend Blackwell's experience in extruding specialty plastic resins for pipe and tubing that includes PPS, PC, PET, TPE, TPU, PA, PPE/PS and a variety of commodity resins.

Blackwell Plastics partners with the world's leading plastics manufacturers to extrude custom plastic pipe and tubing up to 4" in diameter. ""An adventure to live" is one of our companies Core Values. Working with smart people to tackle difficult design and engineering challenges with plastics is what makes it fun to come to work every day" - Says Jeff Applegate, President of Blackwell Plastics. Blackwell Plastics is located in Houston Texas and provides injection molding and extrusion of specialty pipe and tubing to the oilfield, medical, electronics, food and beverage and industrial markets.

For assistance with your demanding application you can reach Blackwell Plastics at 713 643-6577.

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