Bittele Adds PCB Assembly Plant in Toronto, Canada

Bittele Electronics, Inc. has announced it will open a new PCB Assembly Plant in Markham, Ontario. This completely automated assembly plant is fitted with the most sophisticated PCB manufacturing equipment and will work in conjunction with Bittele's existing plant located in Shenzhen, China. Clients will be able to fill orders at this new plant, located at 2680 14th Avenue, beginning on June 1, 2019.

The Ontario plant will run two assembly lines consisting of automated equipment for PCB loading, solder paste printing, component placement, reflow, and inspection.

The Ontario assembly plant covers 14,000 square feet with following production equipment:

  • DEK model E paste printers
  • YAMAHA YS12 pick and place machines
  • RS1000II Reflow Ovens
  • AOI machines from JT Automation
  • Kurtz ERSA Selective Soldering machines

Client orders will be transparently moved from the present assembly house in China to the new assembly plant in Ontario. Customers will receive the identical, outstanding PCB fabrication and assembly quality that they are accustomed to receiving, with the added advantage of Canadian-based assembly.

"The new assembly facility in Markham, Ontario, is committed to providing customers on-time order fulfillment with flexible scheduling. Long delays due holidays such as the Chinese New Year or Christmas will be eliminated as production can be switched to either China or Ontario," stated Ben Yang, Chief Executive Officer, Bittele Electronics, Inc.

The Ontario assembly plant promises faster turn times, timely deliveries, better communication, in addition to the benefits of the USMCA trade agreement. The Ontario plant also offers U.S. based customers protection from large import tariffs levied on Chinese-made goods. Since the PCBs will be assembled in Canada, local customers will have shorter lead-times, as well as the satisfaction that they were built by Canadians. Bittele is committed to outstanding quality at the Ontario assembly plant with no change in pricing.

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About Bittele Electronics

Founded in 2003, Bittlele Electronics is a leading provider of high quality, low-priced, PCB fabrication and assembly services. Bittele is an expert in prototype to mid-level production with its turnkey PCB Assembly service. Based in Toronto, Canada, Bittele owns PCB assembly plants in Canada and China.

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