Beverly Hills Police Department Equips Mobile Command Center with Utility's Rocket during Golden Globe Awards

Mobile Communications Gateway Used to Stream Surveillance Video
From the Event for Real-time Situational Awareness

ATLANTA - "The Social Network" wasn't the only big winner at the 68th Annual Golden Globe® Awards. As part of its security detail, the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) was able to successfully stream surveillance video from the event back to the station and out to other officers in the field via Utility, Inc.'s mobile communications gateway, The Rocket(TM).

Utility, Inc., a provider of technology and services that allow first responders and utilities to more effectively command, control and support mobile field operations, worked with the BHPD to equip its mobile command center with a Rocket to provide real-time communications as it secured the perimeter of the Golden Globe Awards. The Department used four local H.264 IP cameras attached to a mobile computer acting as a server. The Rocket provided the wireless network connection back to the BHPD station, allowing the Watch Commander to stream the cameras remotely from his desk. The mobile server integrated into the citywide Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

"Transferring the large amounts of data associated with live video feeds from the field has often been difficult," said Adam Chelonis, senior support specialist with the Beverly Hills Police Department. "Maintaining secure, reliable and high-speed connectivity between our front-line personnel and Department headquarters is crucial to that task. With the Rocket as part of our mobile infrastructure, we were able to provide field surveillance from the Golden Globes, back to our officers in the station as well as to personnel in the field who could pull those same video feeds to their mobile phones or slate devices."

The Rocket can automatically switch between WiFi and cellular networks, ensuring reliable, consistent high-speed connectivity and service. More than a rugged WiFi hot spot, the Rocket also seamlessly interfaces with the latest generations of GPS, RFID and on-board diagnostic and navigation mobile applications.

"We understand the growing operational and service challenges today's police departments face from managing large contingents of front-line personnel and mobile assets," said Robert McKeeman, Chairman and co-founder of Utility Inc. "The core foundation of the Rocket's technology is to supply first responders with an affordable, universal communications platform that gives them the real-time connectivity and situational awareness they need to reliably support their mission-critical operations-around the clock."

Thousands of Rocket broadband communications appliances are being used by large and small first responders every day. Organizations such as City of San Antonio Police and Fire, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, Conyers Police Department, Henry County Police Department, Marietta Police and Fire, Deptford Police Department and other police organizations use Utility's communications hardware and software to respond faster, keep officers on patrol for more of their shifts, and provide Central Dispatch with greater visibility into all assets out in the field.

About Utility, Inc.

Utility, Inc. develops and manufactures communications hardware and services that allow first responder organizations and utilities to effectively command, control and support mobile field operations. The company's solutions deliver real-time access to virtually any mobile asset, providing a unified operating picture for safely locating, tracking and managing all aspects of mobile field operations. Unlike other tools that provide one facet of mobile asset management, Utility brings it all together in one cost-effective, enterprise view, showing the location and status of everything from tools to vehicles and personnel.

Utility's MIL-STD 810F certified communications hardware is manufactured in the United States at its Tucker, Ga., manufacturing facility. All software development and support is provided by U.S. citizens from the company's Georgia office. Customers including Atlanta Gas Light, Allegheny Energy, Bangor Hydro Electric Company, Con Edison, Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, City of San Antonio Police and Fire, Conyers Police Department, Deptford Police Department, District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, Fort Myers Fire Department, Gainesville Fire Department, Marietta Police and Fire, Spring Hill Fire & Rescue, NuStar Energy, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, Trenton Police Department, TVA, Village of Oak Lawn, and Westar Energy are all enjoying the benefits of greater situational awareness, increased safety and improved operational efficiency with Utility. For more information, visit

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