Beverage Machine Manufacturer KHS Benefits from the Use of Roxtec Sealing Solutions

KHS is a leading international developer and manufacturer of filling and packaging systems for the beverage and food industries. With a focus on quality, customer needs and strength of innovation, KHS has found that the high quality, innovative cable seals from Roxtec are a natural fit for their processing systems. KHS has been using Roxtec sealing products for more than 15 years, and has not yet seen an enclosure seal fail.

The KHS group has more than 4,500 employees worldwide, with headquarters in Germany and production facilities in Brazil, India, Mexico and the USA. At the USA site in Waukesha, Wisconsin, KHS has replaced many pneumatic fittings, cable glands and cord grips with just a few easy-to-install Roxtec solutions.

One reason KHS chose Roxtec sealing systems is that the innovative design makes them faster, easier and more cost-efficient to install. Roxtec systems route multiple pre-terminated cables through one opening, eliminating the cost and labor of cutting connection cables and making individual holes for each. With Roxtec, KHS is able to route a large number of cables while eliminating the risk of error that comes from cutting cables. Therefore, Roxtec solutions are perfectly suitable for sealing important components such as device control, feedback and pneumatics. In addition to minimizing the risk of failure during field installations, Roxtec’s simplified installation allows for faster finalization of field terminations.

KHS has experienced both instant and long-term safety benefits when using Roxtec on their cutting-edge filling and packaging machines. For example, the stainless steel faceplate of the Roxtec CF 16 AISI 304, can endure sanitization processes, making it easy for KHS to maintain hygiene requirements while reliably protecting machinery.

KHS uses Roxtec to save space, time and money. KHS has not encountered any sealing problems since they began using Roxtec cable sealing systems more than 15 years ago, and they now use Roxtec as their standard solution. Rick Fueling, Project Manager, KHS, states that, “KHS has and will continue to use Roxtec, as we are confident in their products and solutions.”

Roxtec cable and pipe seals ensure safety, efficiency
 and operational reliability. Their innovative design offers the ability to handle pre-terminated cables, makes them easy to adapt to cables of various sizes, and offers built-in spare capacity that allows for easy addition of cables. Thanks to Multidiameter™, a solution based on modules with removable layers, Roxtec can achieve a seal that fits every time.

Roxtec: Unquestioned Protection. Unbeatable Flexibility.

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