Berner's In-Ceiling Mount Air Curtain Now with Trim Kit

New Castle, PA - November 1, 2006 - The In-Ceiling Mount air curtain provides environmental separation and insect control, with a look that is aesthetically pleasing and all internal components hidden in the ceiling. Berner International is the only U.S. manufacturer of this unique design, (patent pending). In addition, the In-Ceiling Mount now comes with a custom trim kit to match the white aluminum or stainless steel finish. These trim kits allow the In-Ceiling Mount to blend flawlessly into any ceiling, while providing quiet, reliable performance and comfort control.

The In-Ceiling Mount fits any ceiling type. It has a bottom panel that provides access to all internal components, including the filter, for easy maintenance. Heat is available, but optional, in electric, steam, or hot water. Unheated units carry a five-year parts warranty, and heated carry a two-year parts warranty. An additional "Comfort-Plus Control Package" can be added to all heated units. With this option, the In-Ceiling Mount Air Curtain switches from high flow, when the door is open, to low flow, when the door is closed. This feature enables the In-Ceiling Mount to act as both an air curtain and a cabinet heater by warming your vestibule, while protecting your door opening.

At Berner International we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all our customers. All Berner products are competitively priced with the best warranties on the market. For more information, call Berner at 1-800-245-4455 or visit

Alison Clingensmith
Marketing Manager
Berner International

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