Batson Group, Inc. Chosen to Represent Meera Industries

Greenville, SC: Batson Group, Inc. has been chosen as the exclusive sales representative for Meera Industries (Surat, India). Batson will market Meera's Two for One (TFO) twister line in the United States and Canada. Charles Little, Group Manager for Batson Group, Inc., made the announcement.

Meera Industries, an ISO 9001 company, is well established as one of the world leaders in twisting technology and related machinery accessories. A strong commitment to ongoing research and development has enabled Meera to rise to the demands of a rapidly changing market. The proof of this commitment lies within their twister product line and in the quality and reliability of each machine built. Their prices are extremely competitive and each sale is backed by dependable technical service.

Compared to traditional One on One Twisters, Meera TFO twisters can lower the processing cost per "twist" by about half. Additional benefits include: processing of larger supply packages, increased production within the same amount of space, decreased yarn breakage rates due to better spindle design, less use of energy, and considerably less machine noise.

Specifically, Meera offers TFO twisters for spun yarn, embroidery yarns, carpet yarns and filament yarns.

Available as a single deck or a space-saving double deck, the Meera spun yarn twister is suitable for a wide range of yarn types. A modernized operator panel allows for quick and easy adjustments to the spindle revolution rate, number of twists and twist direction.

For polyester, nylon, polypropylene and viscose yarns, the Meera TFO twister features gearless electronic tpm/rpm settings, individual spindle brakes, and individual spindle heat controls. It is applicable to most kinds of "S" and "Z" twists and is available in a 0.9 to 2.5 kg knot-less package. Meera's TFO filament yarn (30-300 deniers) twister is simple to operate yet durable, even in rigorous working conditions.

Finally, the Meera Twister/Cabler is perfect for continuous heavy workloads over long periods of time. It has a large take-up capacity and a wide twist range.

Louis P. Batson Company:

Since 1948, Louis P. Batson Company, along with its affiliates Batson Group, Inc. and Louis P. Batson Incorporated, has been a provider of industrial machinery, accessories, spare parts, plant supplies and technical service to the textile, nonwovens, converting and plastics industries. For additional information on Meera Twisters or on Batson's complete line of products, please visit our website at

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