BASF Launches Magnetorheological Fluids (MRF) Under the Name Basonetic®

Electronically tunable power transmission for the automobile and automation industry

New product based on carbonyl iron powder

LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY, August 10, 2009 - BASF is launching magnetorheological fluids (MRF) which will now be available under the brand name Basonetic®. MRF have a remarkable, adjustable flow behavior that makes them suitable for applications in which power has to be controlled and transmitted on a continuous, variable basis.

The Basonetic® fluids will be marketed to companies in the automotive and automation industry that develop engine mounts, clutches or shock absorbers as a potential replacement for older technologies.

For example, Basonetic® fluids can replace expensive valve technology currently used for automobile shock absorbers. They can also be used for electronically adjustable absorbers to reduce vibrations and increase the safety of suspension bridges.

MRF consist of very small iron particles (carbonyl iron powder) that are dispersed in oil. Using an external magnetic field, the flow properties of MRF can be varied from solid to liquid in milliseconds.

Devices using MR technology can be regulated efficiently and offer processors both cost and performance advantages compared to conventional products and processes. They permit shorter reaction times in many applications and a reduction in the number of components.

"With Basonetic®, we provide MRF that are versatile, safe, and easy to handle, and hardly show any sediment," says Dr. Christoffer Kieburg, Project Manager in the Business Management Metal Systems at BASF. "With our customers, we can adapt our MRF precisely to their needs and develop new applications together."

BASF also offers customers comprehensive data on the properties of MRF, along with test method information. BASF has already successfully tested Basonetic® fluids with customers in applications with high loads, including four wheel drive clutches in automobiles and vibration dampers for suspension bridges.

As a market leader, BASF produces and sells Carbonyl Iron Powder for more than 80 years and continuously develops new and innovative products. Thus, for example, Catamold®, a powder injection molding for the production of metal and ceramic components, is made from Carbonyl Iron Powder as is Basonetic®.

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