BASF Develops First-of-its-Kind Concrete Admixture for Workability Control

CLEVELAND, OH, July 22, 2009 -- The Admixture Systems business of BASF Construction Chemicals today announced the launch of the RheoTEC(TM) series of workability-retaining admixtures. The revolutionary new technology behind RheoTEC admixtures is only available from BASF and provides a distinct mechanism for achieving flexible amounts of slump retention and workability control without retardation. The result is consistent concrete that helps concrete producers achieve more cost-effective and efficient operations.

The RheoTEC admixtures work in combination with Glenium® high-range water-reducing admixtures, Polyheed® mid-range water-reducing admixtures and Pozzolith® water-reducing admixtures. Glenium, Polyheed or Pozzolith admixtures are dosed to achieve the initial workability, and RheoTEC admixtures provide workability retention, ensuring consistency from batching to placement.

"Water-reducing technologies provide excellent workability," said Joseph Daczko, Product Manager, BASF. "However, concrete producers have continuously asked for a technology that could retain workability for longer periods of time and under various adverse conditions. Re-tempering with water can lead to potential changes in performance characteristics.

With the RheoTEC workability-retaining admixtures, we offer a new chemistry that helps concrete producers improve quality and reduce rejected loads."

RheoTEC workability-retaining admixtures can be used in any concrete application to extend the benefits of normal, mid-range and high-range water-reducing admixtures. They promote consistent workability, consistent air content, and improved early- and late-age compressive strengths. As a result, concrete producers can realize an expanded delivery area, faster truck turn-around time, and better customer satisfaction.

"Various levels of workability retention can be achieved with the innovative RheoTEC workability-retaining admixtures, giving concrete producers the ability to immediately create the optimal admixture system,"

Daczko said. "This gives producers more flexibility when navigating the challenges of changing regional raw materials, environmental conditions and specific project requirements."

The first product in this new series is RheoTEC Z-60 admixture. For more information on RheoTEC Z-60 admixture or new workability-retaining technologies from BASF Construction Chemicals, visit us on the web at

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