Ball Corporation Selects Allpax Retort to Test Shaka Process

October 30, 2007

Covington, LA - Ball Corporation has selected Allpax Products' Research and Development retort to test their containers viability and effectiveness for Shaka and other retort processes. Ball is the first container manufacturer to acquire Shaka testing capabilities.

"We chose Allpax because of their machine's ability to provide every retort process that we need to test our containers in one compact unit," said Michael Richardson, Ball's Director of Product Innovation. "The flexible control software allows us to create custom temperature, pressure, and agitation profiles quickly - a necessity for our research team. When a customer comes to us for a new container, we can test concepts under the full array of retort process modes and provide detailed results. With the Allpax Shaka R&D retort, Ball continues to invest in technologies that will benefit our customers."

Shaka technology is a method of batch retorting in which packaged foods, pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals are rapidly agitated during the retort process. Shaka processing provides vigorous agitation in a back-and-forth motion, mixing the container contents thoroughly, allowing for rapid and even heat transfer throughout. The result is a better-tasting product with more appealing color, texture and mouth feel than products processed under other modes of in-container sterilization.

"When a major container manufacturer such as Ball purchases a Shaka R&D, it adds another layer of credibility and enthusiasm for the developing technology," said Tyler Hudson, Business Development Manager at Allpax. "As a retort manufacturer, we've focused on providing our customers with effective machines and research tools to help them answer container-related questions. Our testing has shown significant reductions in thermal process times and dramatically improved product quality. Having container experts bring their knowledge to the process is a key step in the commercialization of Shaka-processed products."

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