AXI (Algae-X Intl) Is Green Clean Certified

AXI (Algae-X International) is proud to announce that AXI Fuel Optimization & Maintenance Systems and Services have been certified by the Green Clean Institute.

The Green Clean Certification and license of our product lines and services is based upon observed and declared products and processes manufactured by AXI. The Institute has extended its trademark licensing confident that AXI produces earth-friendly, human-safe, and energy-saving benefits to tend users.

R. Michael Richmond, Auditor of the Green Clean Institute presented AXI the certificate of Green Certification under the licensing of the trademark "Green Clean Institute Certified(TM)"
on September 13, 2010.

It was only natural to have our systems that optimize and clean fuel with a minimal amount of waste become certified and reassure our clients and Algae-X Service Centers that our systems not only clean and optimize diesel and bio-fuel, but are also environmentally beneficial.

Please visit our website to see how AXI's Green Certified equipment will optimize and maintain the quality of your fuel compliant with ASTM standards.

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