Automated System Saves Valuable Bench Space

JM Science offers the AQS-22010AS Automated Solid Evaporator System, which is an automated Karl Fischer titrator system that combines the AQ-2200 coulometric titrator or AQV-2200 volumetric titrator with the evaporator EV-2010. With an extremely compact and upright design, the system can save valuable bench space. The sample changer can hold up to 10 vials at the same time, and up to 99 samples can be run by removing the finished sample and adding a new one. It has a wide temperature setting and programmable temperature control, which allows the end user to set the temperature up to 300°C and can be programmed to use up to 3 temperature steps. This feature makes it easier to find the optimum temperature for each individual sample, or allows the end user to differentiate surface water from bound water.

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