ASM Alternative Energy Brand Debuts at SNEC 2015; Integrates Leading Metallization Innovator DEK Solar and PV Solutions from ASM Pacific Technology, Ltd.

ASM Pacific Technology's (ASMPT) acquisition of printing specialist DEK in mid-2014 expanded the company's footprint in the surface-mount assembly market -- where it already had a strong presence with the SIPLACE brand of placement technologies -- and also brought together the DEK Solar and ASMPT photovoltaic (PV) technology portfolios.   At next month's SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, China, ASMPT will unveil a new force in the alternative energy space – ASM Alternative Energy (ASM AE).   ASM AE unites DEK Solar and ASMPT's solar group under one roof and leverages the global power and resource of ASMPT, the world's leading supplier of equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry.

"DEK Solar's leadership in cell metallization technology and ASMPT's strengths in PV wafer inspection and module assembly are now Together #1 as ASM Alternative Energy," explains Brian Lau, Vice President of ASM AE.  "While both organizations are powerhouses in solar innovation, the scope of applications work extends far outside of photovoltaics and also incorporates fuel cell solutions and next-generation battery technologies, among others.  Being integrated as ASM Alternative Energy more appropriately reflects the breadth of our technology capabilities and customers' product range, and aligns the ASMPT group of companies under one formidable ASM brand."

The Fastest Metallization Platform on the Market

Throughout the three days of SNEC 2015, show delegates are invited to visit booth E3-320 to see why ASM AE is already firmly established as the leading provider of next-generation alternative energy solutions.  Eclipse, the fastest solar cell metallization platform on the market at 4,000 wafers per hour (wph), is an award-winning system that combines speed, reliability and modularity in a compact footprint.   At SNEC, Eclipse will incorporate the latest Voice Coil Motor (VCM) technology, a dynamic real-time squeegee mechanism designed to enable exceptionally high throughput rates for cell metallization techniques such as dual print, allowing consistent speeds even when print topography changes.  Running at full capacity, Eclipse is designed to produce in excess of 75,000 wafers per day in a production environment.

In collaboration with industry partners, both the Eclipse platform and ASM AE's screen and stencil technologies have been instrumental in enabling record-breaking solar cell efficiency rates.  ASM AE's dual print process screens and VectorGuard (VG) Fine Line Stencils™ are key to maximizing cell efficiency through their ability to deliver excellent printed line height uniformity and high aspect ratios for consistent narrow lines of less than 40 µm line widths. When used in processes such as dual print, the initial mesh screen printed busbars followed by the VG Fine Line Stencil printed conductor fingers enable optimized efficiency levels in addition to silver paste consumption reductions.  With VG Fine Line Stencils, which are built on the award-winning interchangeable VectorGuard foil system, a unique tensioning mechanism improves print behavior and limits the widening of the outer fingers to ensure print uniformity and exceptionally thin lines.  Live demonstrations of VectorGuard Fine Line Stencil foil changeover will take place throughout the three days of SNEC.

SolarBlades and Wafer Inspection Systems

Solar modules assembled with half-cells have been shown to achieve higher power output due to lower I2R losses.  Utilizing a robust laser mechanism, ASM AE's SolarBlade technology enables mass production of half-cells in a highly accurate and high throughput technique to deliver excellent yields.  In addition, the automatic optical alignment system offers excellent centerline accuracy and geometric repeatability and is a key enabler of next-generation half-cells techniques.  Visitors to the ASM AE booth are invited to speak with the technology team about the latest developments in SolarBlade capability.

Also on show will be ASM AE's SolarWIS wafer inspection system, which eliminates inherent problematic wafers from entering the cell manufacturing lines, greatly improving output and yield stability.  ASM AE's wafer sorter is one of the first in the industry to feature 3D area inspection capability, which is used to inspect wafer thickness, total thickness variation (TTV), saw marks, as well as wafer bow and warpage. This 3D system is highly flexible and can be configured to sort by points, lines or area.  SolarWIS also includes modules that can inspect for stain, geometry, micro-cracks, edge chips, resistivity, P or N conductivity and lifetime. The system is completely modular, enabling various configurations according to requirements and greatly improving the ROI for manufacturers migrating from manual to automatic machine sorting.

"The combined alternative energy expertise that is now together under the ASM AE umbrella is unmatched," concludes Lau.  "Together with our customers, we look forward to advancing alternative energy technology around the world."

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About ASM Alternative Energy

Acquired by ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. (ASMPT) in 2014, the brand formerly known as DEK Solar along with the solar technology portfolio from ASMPT are now united as ASM Alternative Energy.  Encompassing all of the award-winning DEK Solar technology and innovation developed over the last ten years combined with the product portfolio, global resources and solar innovation of ASMPT, ASM Alternative Energy leads the market in fuel cell and solar cell solutions.  Technologies include market-leading solar and fuel cell metallization/printing platforms, advanced stencils and screens, SolarBlades and SolarWIS wafer inspection systems.  For more information, visit

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