ASG Medical Systems to Present at American Kuhne Spring Medical Seminar

Co-Founder Dan Woodward will demonstrate the Accu-Cut 202L, Accu-Feed 110 and the ASG/Vante Automated Tipping System and present discrete length wire and coils discussion

West Palm Beach, FL - May 3, 2011 - ASG Medical Systems will participate in the Spring Medical Seminar and Open House presented by American Kuhne. The seminar will feature one day of technical discussion and one day of demonstrations at the American Kuhne facilities in Rhode Island. Dan Woodward, Director of Technology and co-founder of ASG, will be presenting a discussion on the jacketing of discrete length wires or coils and demonstrating the Accu-Cut 202L with dereeler, the Automated Tipping System, and the Accu-Feed 110.

The Accu-Cut 202L is the industry standard in automated medical device cutters. Offering clean, precise cuts at rates up to 250 cpm on material from .15mm to 25.4mm, the Accu-Cut 202L will be demonstrated with one of ASG's dereelers for a fully-automated experience. The Automated Tipping System is a collaborative effort with Vante, the leader in catheter tipping equipment and fellow seminar participant. The ATS will cut soft durometer PU material to 2mm, load it into a mold, then backload it with a hard durometer PU shaft. The Accu-Feed 110 feeds wires and tubing in lengths up to 25 feet with high accuracy positioning and a rapid cycle rate.

The American Kuhne Spring Medical Seminar and Open House will take place on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 and Wednesday, May 25, 2011. The seminar will be held on Tuesday at the Mystic Marriott Hotel in Groton, Connecticut and the open house will be held on Wednesday at American Kuhne, Inc. in Ashaway, Rhode Island. The cost of the event is $395 and includes breakfast, lunch and a cruise with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails on Tuesday night. Attendance is limited to 60 people.

About ASG Medical Systems
ASG Medical Systems, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Florida, USA, is the world leader in catheter and guidewire manufacturing automation. ASG tubing and guidewire cutters, feeders, testers, and custom automation machines provide high production capacity and consistent outgoing quality while reducing manufacturing costs. For more information on how ASG can automate your medical device manufacturing processes, please visit or call +1-561-848-6684.

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