Arrow Alpha to Supply Facilities for Extensive Cycleway Vision

Australia-wide public equipment specialist, Arrow Alpha, has won a Sydney City Council tender to supply essential technology for an expansive rollout of cycle ways that will redefine commuter and leisure transport in Sydney.

As a portent to what is largely expected to occur nationwide to meet expectations of an ever-growing enviro-savvy Australian public, Arrow Alpha's contract is to supply up to 1250 retrofit bike rings and 300 hoop U-poles as 'end of bike trip' lock-up facilities throughout the inner city precinct.

Although this agreement is relevant to the vision of the 200km inner city precinct, cycle ways are found right throughout the length and breadth of Sydney and the company is perpetually developing solutions for, and acting as, a general consultant for bike path matters.

These paths total 2,300km and will eventually be linked over the next 10 years through a $158m commitment by the current State government.

Arrow Alpha's cycle rings will be attached to all suitable roadside poles, while U-Rails will be fixed to the ground in other locations where poles are not found.

Its bike parking facilities are manufactured to stringent Australian standards and comply completely with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and all the other State and Federal legislation.

The company's bike parking technologies are also extremely strong, durable, vandal-resistant, space efficient and have design innovations to ensure they are not a safety hazard for the disable with poor visibility and using feeler canes.

Just as importantly, bicycles can be locked to them by the frame and both wheels rather than just one wheel, so as to comply with the Australian Standard for bike parking facilities.

Arrow Alpha also has professional indemnity insurance so that it absorbs any associated risk. This means if a council wants the company to design a bike rack it is comfortable in the knowledge its product will comply to the point where it is fit for purpose and complies with all current expectations of the DDA and relevant Australian Standard for bike parking facilities.

In Sydney, this government capital outlay is predominantly the result of public pressure for cycle ways and community demand for clean transport options that will result in better air environment through reduced car emissions.

What the equipment from Arrow Alpha provides is essential and secure 'end of trip parking facilities' so that any cyclist can lock up his or her bike at any point of the cycleway network.

If someone is making a casual trip to the local shop, they can easily attach the bike to the rings or the hoops.

On the whole, there is already a large number of people using pedal power to get to work in the central Sydney area or to transport interchanges as public transport increasingly becomes more crowded or caught in general traffic gridlock due to population density in the inner city.

The Sydney precinct facility covered by the Sydney City Council's contract with Arrow Alpha will have at the heart a safe, convenient and sustainable 200 kilometre network (including 55 kilometres of separated cycle ways) that it is building to reduce road congestion, cut emission and improve public health.

It has designed the network to improve connections between employment, recreation and residential destinations to make cycling an attractive transport choice.

Arrow Alpha is a successful supplier of public facilities and amenities. Apart from this recently won contract with Sydney Council, the company has also launched many new designs of bike parking facilities including traffic taming devices for cycleway/walkway shared paths, as well as a unique totem sign that incorporates direction signs, changeable wayfinding mapping and shared path behavioural signs at a suitable eye level.

The company has also developed drinking water refill stations that also include such signage and help decrease plastic bottle waste along cycleways.

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