ARPAC 737C Shrink Wrapper at Expo Pack Mexico Show 2007, Booth # 1805, June 26-29 in Mexico City

Schiller Park, IL April 19, 2007 - ARPAC Group, the leading manufacturer of shrink wrapping machinery, will be exhibiting the semi-automatic shrink bundler at the Expo Pack Mexico show, Booth # 1805.

With a straight through infeed, this manually operated shrink bundler will wrap individual and random group sizes and packages. The 20" seal jaw opening allows the 737C to accomodate a wide range of product sizes up to 35" wide, 16" long and 20" high.

Designed for applications where high speeds are not a requirement, the ARPAC 737C is perfectly suited for on-line packaging or off-load production and distribution. The 737C can be used with a wide variety of our shrink tunnels to obtain optimum shrink on the finished bundle.

About the ARPAC Group
The ARPAC Group specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty, standard and custom-designed packaging systems that meet the needs of a broad range of industrial users. All machinery is sold and serviced by the ARPAC Group's international network of distributors and service technicians. Located near Chicago O'Hare International Airport, the ARPAC Group maintains sales offices throughout the United States and selected countries worldwide.

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