Armstrong Chemtec Group has Acquired Ibex Food Systems, Ibex Automatic Wax Moulding

Armstrong Chemtec Group has purchased IBEX Food Systems which is the market leader with years of technical expertise and experience in automatic paraffin wax slabbing

IBEX FOOD SYSTEMS, successor to the internationally recognized Parafreeze, has many years of working within demanding industries where their wax moulding bespoke designed solutions offer efficient and reliable service. The company specializes in the engineering, supply and installation of integrated systems that raise or lower the temperature of food and food grade products, efficiently and effectively. Working closely with international customers IBEX has developed unit solutions that are put together to deliver the required throughput without compromising the quality of the customer’s products. The IBEX automatic wax cooling systems can take liquid wax from bulk storage tank temperatures of typically up to 180ºC and deliver 5kg solid slabs of paraffin wax. Each block will have a maximum equalized temperature of 30ºC after the cooling process. Utilizing modern processing technology means that every kilo of wax produced can be sold with the knowledge that accuracy and consistency is achieved. The system is flexible to allow different weight slabs to be produced and to be packed in different configurations.

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