Arena Expands Trip Lease Service for the Arena 330 Shipper IBC

Service Provides Sustainable, Reusable Bulk Liquid Packaging without Capital Investment

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 30, 2009 - A.R. Arena Products, Inc., which launched the first reusable plastic container (RPC) pooling business in North America, is expanding services offered on its state-of-the-art, reusable bag-in-box IBC, it was announced today.

The Arena 330 Shipper is a reusable, foldable, all-plastic, asset IBC that works in conjunction with sanitary single-use liner bags to dramatically reduce the cost and waste associated with shipping non-hazardous bulk liquids. Arena Products first began offering rental and leasing options for these long-life IBC's in 1993 through its' Arena Fleet Services Group. Arena has now expanded the service to offer one-way hires throughout North America that include the use of the Arena Shipper, quality liquid liner bags, repositioning logistics, inspection and cleaning after each use.

"The Arena Shipper dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and solid waste, while substantially reducing the cost of shipping bulk liquids," said Mike Brunhuber, vice president of Arena Products. "Yet many companies have resisted the transition from one-way bulk liquid packaging, such as 55 gallon drums, corrugated bag-in-box and composite IBCs to avoid capital investment in transport packaging, as well as non-core activities like container cleaning and logistics management."

"Through our expanded Fleet Service offering, we are providing customers with the best of both worlds - a low, fix per trip cost and a hassle-free, one-way service, combined with the benefits of a reusable system to dramatically reduce solid waste, liquid waste and carbon emissions" said Mike Brunhuber, vice president of Arena Products. "To provide this expanded service, we are developing a national service infrastructure to further reduce the cost of repositioning Arena Shippers for service and reuse. This network will allow us to offer our trip lease services to customers when a dedicated pool of containers may not be financially viable."

Single-use bulk liquid containers, such as corrugated bag-in-box IBCs, as well as some 55 gal. drums and composite IBCs, simply shift the burden of waste or container servicing from the supplier to the customer. This practice has been legislated against in Europe through the Packaging Waste Directive, which holds suppliers accountable for the packaging waste they generate. The Arena Shipper trip lease service not only relieves both the supplier and the customer of the responsibility for packaging waste, it also dramatically reduces both the solid waste associated with one-way packages and the liquid waste associated with reusable drums, composite IBCs and tank-style asset IBCs. With reduced waste comes reduced cost, reduced carbon emissions and reduced environmental liability.

The Arena Shipper is widely used for shipping non-hazardous bulk liquids and pastes in the food, health & beauty and chemical markets. Arena Products proprietary Air-Evac(TM) liquid liner bags provide additional benefits by dramatically reducing residual levels in liquid liner bags without additional labor and without any risk of contamination.

About A.R. Arena Products, Inc.

A.R. Arena Products, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets large, reusable structural plastic products for storage and transportation of food and chemical products. Its products are designed to be innovative, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. They are also designed to provide productivity improvements along with high functionality and structural performance in the markets served. The company, located in Rochester, NY, also provides sales, rental, leasing and logistics, and maintenance service for its products and other reusable packaging systems.

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