Applied Coating Systems Signs Major New Agreement with Nippon Fusso

Baltimore, MD -- Applied Coating Systems, Inc. has entered into an exclusive technical agreement with Nippon Fusso to provide fluoropolymer coating services to its U.S.-based customers. Nippon Fusso recently closed its Hayward, California plant and will consolidate its fluoropolymer operations in Japan and Korea.

With the signing of this agreement, Nippon Fusso has transferred the technology and materials necessary for Applied Coating Systems to effectively serve its U.S. client base.

"Nippon Fusso-Japan has had a longstanding personal and professional relationship with Applied Coating Systems Inc., a leader in the fluoropolymer applications business. We're confident of their ability to continue to provide the level of quality, expertise, and professionalism our clients have come to expect," said Mr. Satoru Toyooka, President of Nippon Fusso.
"We've already begun to work with some of Nippon Fusso's U.S.-based clients and anticipate expanding the list throughout the coming year. Our experienced technicians will ensure a smooth transition for former Nippon Fusso clients," said Mr. Ronald L. Kaufmann, President of Applied Coating Systems.

Applied Coating Systems offers a full range of services to provide total production continuity and quality assurance, from initial design consultation, to surface preparation and coating application, to assembly and final inspection.

The company's 65,000 square foot plant is outfitted with state-of-the-art robotic equipment and task-specific facilities. The Applied Coating Systems management team and its technicians are highly skilled in providing the best in surface integrity, performance and corrosion protection through controlled application of coating systems.

Applied Coating Systems, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The company applies a wide range of decorative and protective coatings for military, micro-processing, and industrial applications. Serving all branches of the military and their subcontractors, Applied Coating Systems provides an extensive range of sophisticated military coating applications, including radar absorbing material (RAM) coatings for military equipment.

In addition to its line of military and fluoropolymer coating applications, Applied Coating Systems also provides a variety of other specialized coatings for various industries. For more information, call 410-644-4800 or visit

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