Apical's Assertive Display is Now Available on the Latest Marvell Mobile Communication Processor Chipsets

LONDON, – Apical Ltd announces that Marvell's latest ARMADA mobile communication processors will become the first devices to address the low cost but high performance volume market featuring Apical's Assertive Display for an enhanced multimedia experience at lower power.

Assertive Display enables mobile devices to deliver unprecedented display quality under all conditions. It does so by liberating the display from the restrictions of viewing environment and removes the two major barriers in the widespread adoption of multimedia services on mobile devices: it enables users to view videos and photos or play games in any conditions including direct sunlight and reduces the power drawn by the display, significantly increasing battery life.

By digitally modelling the way the eye adapts to ambient lighting, Assertive Display delivers a high quality and seamless viewing experience to the user from a dark room to bright outdoor light. Movies, games and photos which were previously unwatchable in daylight can be clearly viewed. Ultimately this means a more immersive, natural and comfortable experience where the display is always adapted to the user's own eyes. By targeting the display to the most visually important areas, the display draws less power.

Michael Tusch, CEO Apical said: "We welcome Marvell as the latest application processor maker to integrate Assertive Display. We're excited that smartphones and tablets based on Marvell's processors will deliver a premium display experience at attractive cost points."

About Apical

Apical is a leader in advanced image and video processing technology for embedded applications. The company's Assertive products are derived from original research into the human visual system and are designed to maximize the performance of a wide range of image capture and display devices. Apical works primarily with OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers for whom imaging capture and display are critical components. Apical is a privately-held company based in the UK.


About Marvell's Communication processors: http://www.marvell.com/communication-processors/pxa1928


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