API Technologies Aligns and Develops its Global Workforce with Halogen Software

Global technology manufacturer selects Halogen to unify employee performance management across its competitive workforce

OTTAWA – API Technologies Corp., a global manufacturer of RF/microwave, microelectronics, and security technologies, has selected the Halogen eAppraisal™ Manufacturing solution to build organizational alignment and drive competitive advantage.

In the 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index from Deloitte(1), executives ranked talent-driven innovation as the number-one key driver that impacts a country's ability to compete in manufacturing. Fast growth internationally and a commitment to developing a competitive workforce were the impetus for API Technologies to move to a cloud-based employee performance management system.

API Technologies' international customers include leading Fortune 500 firms and the governments of the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, NATO and the European Union. The company's executive team has targeted continuing expansion as a business priority, and API Technologies has enjoyed robust growth, both internally and through acquisitions. However, each new addition has come with its own performance management process and standards. Since API Technologies believes investing in people drives competitive advantage, the company recognized further growth would require aligning the organization, increasing employee engagement, and creating a stronger coaching culture.

"With a number of acquisitions over the years, API Technologies didn't have a consistent performance management process," said Mary Jane Schreffler, Vice President, Human Resources, API Technologies. "While we are dedicated to developing our employees through strong performance management practices, some employees had reviews that weren't competency-based, or were simply an open forum." Schreffler also noted that as a global technology company, it made sense to move away from paper-and-pencil reviews and evolve to cloud-based performance management software.

API Technologies chose Halogen to help make processes, competencies, performance ratings, goal management and development plans standardized and consistent across the company. Unlike API Technologies' previous manual review process, the Halogen eAppraisal Manufacturing module makes performance feedback an ongoing, living interaction, rather than a static once-a-year discussion on the employee's start-date anniversary. Enabling managers to provide more timely feedback also helps to promote improved performance and increased employee engagement.

"Implementing the Halogen solution has standardized the process so that employees know what's expected of them, and can see what good performance looks like," said Schreffler. "Everyone deserves a well thought-out performance review. And with the Halogen solution, it's one that is the culmination of ongoing feedback and coaching throughout the year."

The new system has also transformed goal management and aligned employee objectives to support company goals. Previously, some employees didn't have documented goals. With the implementation of the Halogen solution, managers have more clarity about how their departmental and employee goals support overall company objectives. At the same time, employees have greater accountability and a better understanding of their performance ratings, making the entire process much more meaningful.

As an international company, the flexibility and customization that Halogen offers was important. "For example, the Mexican government has guidelines that must be followed for reviews," said Schreffler. "With the easy-to-use Halogen forms, our Mexican HR department is able to meet those requirements." Currently, API Technologies is using the Halogen solution in both English and Spanish in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and will soon implement the solution in the UK.

API Technologies was also pleased with their smooth implementation and training experience; their system was up and running within two months.

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1 2013 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Deloitte


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