APG Extends Performance Management for Cisco QoS and Cisco IP-SLA.

NICE, France, May 23 - Watch4Net Solutions, Inc. today announced the expansion of its solutions for monitoring and analysis of Cisco QoS and Cisco IP-SLA. Organizations will benefit from better troubleshooting to determine the exact causes of congestion, track factors affecting delivery of time-sensitive applications, and enhance their SLA offerings.

Network managers deploy Cisco QoS features to manage traffic congestion so that the performance of critical network applications is protected and not adversely impacted by other, less critical, network traffic. The ReportPack for Cisco QoS provides immediate value by monitoring how this QoS configuration affects the pattern of network traffic through the router. Through the combination of predefined reports and built-in predictive analysis, this module provides an effective solution for corporations to help troubleshoot performance degradation and prevent potential congestion problems.

The Cisco IP-SLA (also known as Cisco SAA) is an application that monitors network performance by measuring response time, network resource availability, application performance, jitter (interpacket delay variance), connect time, throughput, and packet loss. APG consolidates that information and presents it in a meaningful way, alongside the measurements of network performance and health offered by APG's core software.

With sophisticated grouping and sorting capabilities, APG creates concise and easy-to-understand reports, providing organizations a set of services such as path response time, path availability, path jitter measurements, application response time, SLA reporting and alerting over threshold breaches.

About Watch4Net APG

Founded in 2000, Watch4Net is a privately held software and consulting company based in Montreal, Canada. Watch4Net's flagship product, APG, is a carrier-class performance reporting application that provides real-time, historical and projected visibility into the performance of the overall business. Corporations rely on the APG solution to ensure consistent delivery of business services, detect and troubleshoot problems quickly, and gain full visibility on the infrastructure performance and health. For more information, visit Watch4Net APG' Web site at http://watch4net.com/apg

Source: Watch4Net Solutions, Inc.

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