AP LAZER: Auto Industry Discovers Potential Profit with a Casket 2D Laser System

LANSING, Mich.  - The American auto industry recently discovered a 2D laser system originally designed to engrave caskets and granite monuments to have higher profit potential in automotive manufacturing, customization, and branding than 3D printing.

2D laser originally did not catch the auto industry's attention because a traditional "boxed-up" laser machine allows only small, lightweight objects to be engraved or cut. Which means they have limited applications in the auto industry where most parts are heavy and bulky. The AP LAZER breaks open the box. The inventor's original purpose was to use the well-developed and low cost hardware and software of boxed laser machine to engrave granite monuments and large irregularly shaped caskets.

However, the auto industry has found a multitude of uses for this "casket laser" system, from cutting excess off large plastic parts, customizing engine covers to branding small parts such as belts or gas caps. Now with AP LAZER's open architecture for virtually no limitation on size or weight at a low operating cost, an engine block, a transmission, a car door, or even the seats can be engraved by a laser beam.

Roechling Automotive in Akron OH, a branch of German Roechling Group which engineers and manufactures components and systems by utilizing high performance plastics, adapted AP LAZER system in their plastic manufacturing plant. A radial robotic arm is integrated with the AP LAZER system to take the large plastic part from the injection mold, placing it under the laser, then move it back to production line after the excess of the plastic is being cut by a 100 watt CO2 laser beam. Originally the plastic parts were cut manually, thus the integration of the AP LAZER system not only improved cutting quality but also reduced the production cost.

Customization for car enthusiasts is a growing market, according to Mr. Michael Dickemore, Vice President of MD Custom Engraving LLC, Pleasentview, UT and an AP LAZER system owner, "There is a huge potential market for car enthusiasts! We do tons of car shows out here...I just don't have enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do."

Branding not only differentiates one manufacturer's product from others, engraving a logo on a product will make it easier for customers to find the manufacturer and place their next order. XYZ Machining, Inc. found very quickly that AP LAZER system gives them great flexibility and versatility on customization and branding which increase their image, reputation therefore driving the orders up. According to Mr. Tim Norman, the owner of XYZ Machining, Inc., "We can now etch anything we want into the parts that we create. As a result of purchasing an AP LAZER, our company's reputation, orders and credibility has increased in a few short months."

After adapting the AP LAZER system in their innovative business, the owner of Powder Coat Finishes LLC of Baltimore Maryland said, "I am happy to say we are thrilled with the results. Now we are able to offer many different levels of customization with the AP LAZER in our powder coated applications."

This large format, open architecture AP LAZER opens the laser beam to a wide range of new profits and cost cutting applications in the auto industry.



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