Announcing the 'Green' Machine

Environmental sustainability is a responsibility that rests on everyone's shoulders. Although sustainability and RoHs directives are yet ill defined, everyone should think ~cradle-to-grave' as a consideration in new product design and manufacture.

The reality is, the responsible thing to do is make every effort to comply, not only with the RoHS directive, but with other new regulations that are global in their reach, because it's the right thing to do.

Accu-Seal Corporation made a commitment in 2005 to implementing new design and manufacturing procedures that support the use of materials and components in our heat sealing machines that are environmentally responsible.

While many are sitting back saying 'it doesn't apply to me, 'I am exempt, or rationalizing a way to stave off the inevitable¦

Accu-Seal Corporation is proud to introduce our Newest machine that is designed and manufactured with RoHS compliant components. The New ~green' machine is our Model 8000 Series Vacuum Sealer with patent pending Quick Release Carrier Plates & Vacuum System, launched in May of 2007.

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