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Announcing Rubix Strategies: Bringing a New Approach to Medical Device Innovation

Press release date: May 16, 2017

Rubix Strategies launches and builds global partnerships with two innovative nonprofits to bring new medical devices to the market.

Lawrence, Massachusetts - Rubix Strategies is thrilled to announce its official launch and newly solidified partnerships with two revolutionary non-profit organizations, Massachusetts-based Creagen Biosciences and London-based Sight2Save.

With the goal of helping revolutionary medical device companies and nonprofit organizations move forward, innovate, and shape their industries, Rubix provides them with a holistic approach to product development and manufacturing.

“We’re not just a think tank that helps our clients come up with ideas; we’re there for the design, development and implementation too,” says Rubix Strategies Founder, Reginald Swift.

“There are a significant number of steps in new product creation, and we aim to help our clients with all of it: from idea generation, to product design and engineering, to prototyping, to understanding regulations, to overseeing clinical trials, and finally to manufacturing and distribution. We know what it takes to get things done and get a product to market efficiently, from the creative to the technical and regulatory,” Swift adds.

Rubix has already started making an impact globally, recently solidifying its partnerships with Creagen Biosciences and Sight2Save. Both are seeking to bring new medical devices to the market: Creagan a diagnostic diabetes device, and Sight2Save a device to detect blindness inducing diseases in a number of African nations.

“We’re very excited to be working with Rubix Strategies and believe together we can develop and bring a life-changing medical device to the world,” states Creagen CEO, Vinay Rajur.

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Rubix Strategies is helping clients bring revolutionary new medical devices to the market like never before. Bringing a holistic approach to medical device development, Rubix Strategies provides services from idea stage through design and development to manufacturing and distribution. For more information on Rubix Strategies visit

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