Announcement of Key Position Hire at Rayotek Scientific, Inc.

Quality Management Systems Specialist

San Diego, CA - February 27, 2018 - Rayotek Scientific, Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of Kevin Anglin, Quality Management Systems Specialist, as part of our expansion of Rayotek Quality Assurance to support our growth in the Aerospace and Deep-Sea Industries.

Kevin brings to the company a proven record of sustained superior performance with large defense contractors such as Pacific Ship Repair, Huntington Ingalls, Inc. and Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Kevin’s background in quality assurance processes and quality management systems will allow him to transition the company from its current ISO 9001:2008 registration to the dramatically more robust SAE 9100D standard.

Utilizing proven skills as a QMS Auditor, Kevin will conduct a thorough analysis of the existing QMS and identify gaps in which current procedures require revision, or new procedures. Follow up of this evaluation, Kevin will develop a detailed plan of action and milestones and oversee the work necessary to accomplish the overhaul of Rayotek’s QMS. His focused work will ultimately lead to registration as an SAE 9100D company by October of 2018.

Once SAE 9100D is achieved, Kevin will be responsible maintenance and continuous improvement of Rayotek QMS including regular internal audits and ongoing training in critical areas such as product handling, safety and employee quality awareness.

Kevin’s record of accomplishment in the defense contracting industry make him well suited to the growing work Rayotek is doing for customers across the globe, involving complex, critical systems requiring a high degree of reliability and documented objective quality evidence. Rayotek is excited to bring Kevin into our team, and is looking forward to his working closely with our staff, our customers and regulatory oversight teams.

About Rayotek

Since 1992 Rayotek has been a world leader in the engineering, fabrication and testing of high stress windows and window assemblies. Applications supported by Rayotek, often as a sole source supplier, include Aerospace, space, deep sea and military. Rayotek has received awards for its engineering and testing of aerospace windows and window systems that far exceed the requirement and expectations of Rayotek customers.

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