Anderson Power Products® Introduces New Powerpole and Multipole Connector Catalog

Anderson Power Products (APP), a leader in power interconnect solutions, announces its new Powerpole and Multipole Connector catalog, featuring the Powerpole, PCB Series, Power Pak, Bus Bar, SBS, SB, SBE, SBO and SBX connectors. This new comprehensive ninety-two-page catalog highlights the significant features and benefits of each connector as well as specific technical information, product specifications, wire/tooling information, dimensions, and temperature rise charts. Ordering information for each product includes part number, gender, available contact types, termination, wire and pin length, and applicable tooling and accessory items.

The Powerpole family includes the pin and socket connector series, designed as ground terminals for make-first/break-last connections and the standard Powerpole® modular connectors available in 15, 30, 45, 75, 120 and 180 amp ratings for use through 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation and wire sizes, from #20 (.5mm) to 1/0 AWG (53.5mm).

The printed circuit board (PCB) contact series, when utilized with the Powerpole® 15/45, PP75 and SB®50 connector housings, provides a reliable wire to printed circuit board connection. Rated at 25 to 55 amps, 600 volts AC/DC operation

The Powerpole® Pak series provides a high impact and corrosion-resistant black thermoplastic outer shell for the 10, 15, 30 and 45 amp Powerpole® connectors. The Powerpole Pak series includes cable clamps to provide strain relief and integral latches to prevent accidental disconnection of the equipment.

APP's rugged Bus Bar contacts are used with the Powerpole® and SB® connector housings. The connectors attach directly to a copper bus, while offering a quick disconnect design that minimizes the expense of system assembly, replacement, or repair.

APP's multipole line, including the SBS, SB, SBE, SBO and SBX connectors, 2 and 3 pole connectors from 50 to 700 amps for use to 150 / 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation and wire sizes, from #16 (1.3 mm²) up to 300 mcm (152.0 mm²). Each series offers its own unique features, including mechanical keys to ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same color, different color housings to identify various voltages to prevent the mismatching of the power supply system, ergonomic housings, and auxiliary contacts.

About Anderson Power Products

Anderson Power Products is a leader in developing high quality, low cost, power interconnect solutions for several industries, including: Back Up Power Systems, Electrical Recreational Vehicles, UPS Systems, Telecommunications and High-Technology Devices. Headquartered in Sterling, MA, Anderson Power Product's facility is ISO 9001:2000 certified and uses automated manufacturing to offer uncompromising quality. In addition, APP operates a manufacturing and assembly facility in Fermoy, Ireland to provide support for their European customers, as well as three Asia Pacific facilities: Shenzhen, China, Shatin Hong Kong and Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

APP connectors are available through their authorized distributor network or direct from the factory. For further information about the company and its products, call 978-422-3600 or visit their web site at


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