Analyst Firm DMG Names NICE Systems number1 in Quality Management and Liability Recording

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract Insight from InteractionsT to drive performance, today announced that a report by DMG Consulting LLC, a leading analyst firm, has named NICE as the market leader in the contact center quality management and liability recording. DMG cites NICE as the market leader with a 32.7% majority marketshare worldwide. Updated report follows on recent rankings by top industry analysts, including Datamonitor and Frost and Sullivan, each naming NICE as the marketshare leader globally overall and in each geography.

The report provides a comprehensive market share analysis by vendor for all segments of the QM/Liability recording market in all geographies. The report names NICE as the clear leader in voice recording. NICE is also noted for leading with a majority marketshare in all geographies: North America at 28.0%, Europe at 35.4%, Asia Pacific at 44.6%, and ROW at 50.8%.

NICE's quality monitoring and liability solutions for the contact center help organizations maintain and increase call center quality standards, reduce agent attrition and improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, NICE Perform is revolutionizing quality monitoring with Insight from Interactions, as based on advanced analytics of unstructured multimedia content. The offering is a unified platform that combines recording and QM with advanced interaction analytics, utilizing emotion detection, talk pattern analysis and word spotting, business data, call-flow analysis, screen activity, and customer feedback.

By applying NICE's advanced capabilities for precision quality monitoring and advanced analytics, supervisors can go beyond traditional call recordings and quality monitoring and proactively identify and reliably evaluate the quality of service provided to customers. They can target key calls, correlate them to screen activity, and evaluate how well agents handle the call process as compared to key performance indicators. By generating insight from their customer interactions, the organization is positioned to increase customer loyalty, reduce churn and improve their overall business performance.

NICE also offers state-of-the-art solutions to IP contact centers and the branches, covering the entire spectrum of customer needs.

According to DMG Consutling's Principal, Donna Fluss, "NICE is an innovator and a leader in the contact center recording/quality assurance market. They have taken a dominant role in the recording side of the business through a combination of organic growth and acquisition. NICE is now building market share with their speech analytics offering included in NICE Perform."

"We are very happy with this additional recognition of our leadership position in the market, which is unambiguously confirmed by the leading analysts, who publish marketshare reports, including Datamonitor and Frost and Sullivan," said Zvi Baum, NICE President of Enterprise Interactions Solutions. "These findings by DMG Consulting represent a unanimous consensus of the true value-add that Insight from Interactions brings to contact centers and enterprises all over the world."

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