Analogic and Liberty Packaging Partner for Successful Packaging Study

Analogic Corp Packaging Program Well Prepared for the Future with Intercept Technology Corrosion and Static Protective Packaging:

Twelve years ago the Analogic Corp, a recognized leader in advanced signal acquisition and processing for more than three decades, made a packaging decision that would aid them then and for years to come. They chose the Intercept Technology(TM) packaging materials for their protective packaging allowing them to ship to their customers high-performance medical and security imaging systems and subsystems safely, anywhere in the world, regardless of the circumstances.

Their foresight has been rewarded with defect free equipment due to atmospheric contamination such as corrosion (rust), bio-burden, and static discharge. The decision to place Static Intercept® into their packaging system was based on Static Intercept's robust performance, ease of use, recyclability, and its wide range of protective properties eliminated the need for multiple packing materials. This reduces overall materials and adds the bonus of waste reduction. Intercept allowed for quick application of the packaging and thus less space required in the packing area, eliminating any production bottleneck during busy shipping times. A typical Static Intercept application is proven to save money on labor compared to traditional protective packaging.

Going forward, the Analogic and Intercept association is a huge benefit for a vastly changing world economy where atmospheric pollution is now and increasingly will be a factor, due to damaging reactive gases spewing from new and less regulated industrial economies. On top of that, foreign legislative mandates such as RoHS are driving products to be less robust and more susceptible to atmospheric degradation. It is a bad recipe, with more pollution in the areas where products are being shipped to and/or acquisitioned from.

Analogic is an integrated manufacturer, but for other manufacturers their supply sources may be located in climates where microbes can attach themselves and multiply on electronic boards, tapes etc. potentially causing safety issues to employees and populace at the end user site anywhere in the world, but not with Analogic. They are well protected because they chose Intercept protection. Intercept products eradicate those potential problems.

To be a world industrial leader, it takes bold and creative decisions. Analogic was one of the first Intercept customers in the New England area to use the Bell Labs invented Static Intercept. Their products, their operation, their labor, and their customers have benefited greatly.

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