Amplitude Technical Sales is Pleased to Announce the 3Gmetalworx Solution, WaveSeal

Introducing WaveSeal, a 3Gmetalworx Solution.

3Gmetalworx Inc., an industry leading supplier of PCB-level Shielding Solutions and Microwave Absorbers, is pleased to introduce waveseal, their new line of Conductive EMI Shielding Gaskets for enclosure applications.

Waveseal is a comprehensive line of EMI Shielding Gaskets consisting of Fabric over Foam, Conductive Foam, Conductive Elastomers, Wire Oriented, Knitted Wire, and Combination Gaskets which provide excellent shielding performance and value to engineers and procurement professionals looking for a reliable and trusted supply chain partner.

In business since 1994, with this expansion 3Gmetalworx Inc. can now provide their customers with application specific solutions on the PCB with their 3G Shields and within the enclosure with their waveseal EMI Gaskets and wavexorb RF Absorbers. If you have a new application which you need design assistance, or if you are working on an existing legacy program which you need an alternate source, please call us today to speak to an Applications Engineer or visit them on the web at

About Amplitude Technical Sales:

Amplitude Technical Sales was formed in 1995 to offer skilled representation for manufacturers to the high-frequency electronics community.The professional sales engineers at Amplitude Technical Sales provide state-of the-art electronics representation and unsurpassed customer service for the high frequency electronics industry. Serving design engineers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the surrounding area for over 15 years, the expert technical representatives at Amplitude Technical Sales provide clients with the precise electronic components necessary for their design and the highest level of support possible.

To obtain samples and additional product information, contact Amplitude Technical Sales at

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