Amperite - Solid State Delay-on-Make DIP Switch Adjustable Timer

Amperite has an innovative Switch Adjustible Timer.  The ST1D Series Delay-on-Make Timer features solid state CMOS digital circuitry, 1 form A adjustable switching device, by means of a 10 position DIP switch encoded in binary format.  Although a 3 ampere continuous load current is standard, a 10 ampere load current rating is also available.  The ST1D is available in two timing ranges, .2-102.3 seconds in increments of 0.1 second, and 1-1023 seconds in 1 second increments, both with timing accuracy of +/- 5% plus ½ increment, and 2% timing repeatability. These Delay-on-Make timers are available in 12, 24, and 120V AC or DC voltages and are packaged in an epoxy sealed in a 2"x2"x ¾" hockey puck type enclosure with center hole mounting.  Examples of applications would be blower motors, burglar or intrusion alarms, power supply sequencing, fan controls, motors & controls, open door warning, two speed motor controls, elevator door controls and many more.

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