AMETEK Rotron Exhibits Semi-Cool Precision Fans and Custom Cooling Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

High-reliability, compact fans designed for military/aerospace missions assure dependability and consistent temperatures for semiconductor applications

AMETEK Rotron ( exhibits its SemiCool custom cooling subsystems for high-reliability cooling of semiconductor production processes at Semicon Japan. Including the Rotron MAXIAX vaneaxial fans originally designed for critical military and aerospace applications, the SemiCool systems offer precise temperature control in a compact package.

Complete SemiCool systems include high reliability fans, optimized heat exchangers and custom ductwork. Alternatively, customers can integrate the MAXIAX fans into their own cooling subsystems.

Optimized fans with diameters ranging from 152.4mm (6”) to 203.2mm (8”) provide airflows of 425 l/s (900 CFM) at 254mm WG (10 IWG), with efficiencies approaching 60%. This is a significant departure from standard 0.9 m (3’) tall industrial blowers commonly used in semiconductor production facilities. Designed to operate with 400 Hz industrial power converters, the fans feature rapid response, infinite speed control and minimal space requirements – all designed to support consistent system operating temperatures.


• Semiconductor fabrication

• Semiconductor production equipment OEMs

• Lamp cooling

• Thermally controlled process air circulation

• Process heat removal

• Control electronics generated heat

• Vapor deposition

• Etching process

• Wafer Fabrication

SemiCool systems can meet the cooling needs of all heat-intensive process steps in semiconductor production. Systems are compliant with semiconductor industry traceability and configuration control requirements. They can be certified to TUV requirements and are produced in a AS9100, ISO9001 manufacturing environment.

AMETEK Rotron is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of US$4.0 billion.

A. Compact MAXIAX vaneaxial fans, originally designed for critical military applications, provide high reliability cooling of semiconductor production processes.

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