ALS Guide System: Unlimited Format Changeovers for Air Conveying

Sidel is introducing the ALS guide for air conveyors: an automatic
adjustment system for side guides, ensuring greater flexibility
during format changeovers.

Diversified production means a large number of format changeovers, which have to be quick and reliable.
During Pack Expo in Chicago (October 31 to November 3), Sidel is presenting its new ALS guide: a
simple, flexible system with no pneumatic cylinder, for automatic adaptation of the side guides to any
bottle format (patent pending).

Flexibility and reliability

The simplicity of the ALS guide means that it can be reliably adapted to the majority of bottles on the
market. It accepts an unlimited number of formats on a single conveyor.
The pre-setting of guide positions for the different formats is simple and dependable. The operator selects
the desired format from the control panel. A gearbox transmits the appropriate movement to the side
guides through a flexible shaft that follows the conveyor layout: the guides are positioned by translation
thanks to a worm gear.

Durability and low maintenance

In contrast with the current pneumatic systems, this new automatic guide adjustment system provides a
simple mechanical response, with no compressed air, for all format changeover needs.
The small number of parts in the system reduces maintenance needs. In addition, it operates with limited
drive: only one drive up to 30 meters on each side. The robust design and excellent sealing ensures that
performance remains constant over time.

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