Allmand Introduces the EPL 20W Emergency Power Light Tower

HOLDREGE, Neb. - Allmand introduces the EPL 20W Emergency Power Light
Tower. Offering high light output in a portable design, the EPL 20W provides an ideal
light solution for emergency crews facing night applications.

Powered by an 1,800 rpm, 43.1-horsepower Isuzu diesel engine, the EPL 20W features
Allmand's exclusive SHO (super high output) lighting system. Equipped with four,
1,000-watt metal halide fixtures, the EPL 20W offers a standard light output of 440,000
lumens-more than three times the light output of traditional quartz lights.

The EPL 20W also incorporates a 500-watt quartz lamp for instant light on the scene. To
further increase light output, two additional SHO fixtures may be added for a six-lamp
unit and can be equipped with optional 1,250-watt fixtures, producing as much as
840,000 lumens.

Completely self-contained, the EPL 20W leaves emergency vehicles free to return to the
station or respond to other emergencies while keeping necessary lighting in place for
clean-up and investigation. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver for rapid
deployment, and its compact size reduces work zone congestion and requires minimal
bay space for storage. When the lights are not being utilized, the inside lamp storage unit protects the SHO fixtures. The EPL 20W also includes an adjustable height, reversible two-inch ball and pintle hitch and is easily towed behind a pickup truck.

In addition to the benefit of high light output in a self-contained and portable design, the EPL 20W increases flexibility with a 60 Hz, 1-phase 20 kW generator. This feature allows for additional electricity to power auxiliary equipment such as fans or additional light stands.

The EPL 20W features a 50-gallon fuel tank constructed of molded polyethylene, which
eliminates the chance of rust and corrosion contamination associated with metal tanks. In addition, the large fuel tank provides approximately 100 hours of continuous operation and includes a convenient 4-inch oversized filler neck that allows for easy fueling.

Using a single electric winch system, the tower can be raised to 30 feet. The winch
features a torque-limiting clutch and circuit breaker to protect the motor and cables. The four-point outrigger system with center-mounted tower assembly provides operational
stability in wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour. A captive latch on the tower support and outriggers eliminates the potential for lost pins.

The three-section telescopic tower can be manually rotated 360 degrees from the ground
and features an exclusive, bi-directional automatic cord reel that distributes and retracts the cable when the tower is raised or lowered.

Optional attachments include a Saf-T-Visor, which redirects wasted skyward light onto
the work site, a 200-foot electric power extension reel and distribution box, high-pressure sodium lamps, and the LSC automatic light tower control system. The LSC100 allows the light tower to be automatically turned on and off as needed, with a photocell or timer.

Allmand Bros. Inc., established in 1938, is a leading manufacturer of Allmand portable
light towers, compact loader backhoes, Port-A-Lite(TM) light stands, trailer mounted
arrowboards and message boards, job-site heaters and EZ Breaker concrete breakers.

For more information, contact Allmand Bros. Inc., P.O. Box 888, Holdrege, NE 68949, call (800) 562-1373, fax (308) 995-5887, e-mail or visit the company's Web site at

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