All Points Fasteners Announces Brand New Blog

The latest news in the world of nuts and bolts is that there is now a blog for All Points Fasteners. The blog has been added to the site to help people who need more information on how to use the various fasteners and teks. The news has been welcomed by users from various industries, as well as domestic users.

All Points Fasteners is a true industry leader in the world of fasteners, screws, teks and other such products. They are very well known in the gutter industry, as well as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. As their fame increases, more and more industries now wish to work with All Points Fasteners. Besides the fact that they offer products of exceptional standards, they are also known for their fantastic customer services.

The news of their new blog is a further testament to how much they care about their customers and don't expect anybody to be an expert in any industry. Besides the new blog, they now also offer the Fasteners Video section, where customers can see the various screws, bolts and teks in action, as well as how to use them and attach them. Besides these two options, they also offer easy options for customers to contact them, including a free phone number and live chat. Naturally, if no representatives are present, a message can be left and someone will reply to that message as soon as possible.

Their website is very easy to use, both for experienced and amateur construction experts. It is possible to look immediately for a specific nut, screw or tak, but customers can also download the full catalog. Besides this, they have technical data sheets on each of their products as well, so that detailed explanations can be provided as and when needed.

If you require any nuts, bolts, screws, teks or fasteners, All Points Fastener is clearly the place to go. Visit their website at, where you can find anything you could possibly need. It is also from here that you can access the new blog, as well as the Fasteners Video section, the catalog and the technical data sheets. As stated, they can also be contacted via live chat, or through their free phone number on 800 483 6354. Be aware that there is no question to complicated or easy for the staff at All Points Fasteners, so do make sure you contact them if you have a query.

Contact Info:

MaryLouise Eckman

P.O. Box 341

Simi Valley, CA 93062

Tel: 800-483-6354

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