All of PATLITE's Visual Signal Towers Are Now Available With LED Technology

Torrance, Calif., September, 2008 - All of PATLITE's visual signal towers are now available with LED technology. PATLITE is focusing on LED technology because of its many advantages. PATLITE uses high-quality, long-lasting LEDs to help the user reduce cost by reducing power consumption, maintenance, scrap, personal injury and down-time, and improving quality, productivity and security. PATLITE's LEDs offer the following advantages:

1. Low Power Consumption

LEDs consume about 1/8 the power of traditional incandescent bulbs.

2. Long Service Life & Reliability

LEDs last from about 40,000 hours to 100,000 hours - 4.5 year to 11.5 years of continuous operation. By comparison, an incandescent bulb lasts one year or less depending on conditions. In addition, LEDs tend to fade over time instead of burning out like an incandescent bulb, so a user can have the assurance that the light will go on when it needs to - you do not have to worry about a condition going unnoticed because the light bulb is burned out!

3. Lower Expenses

One three-stack LED tower is estimated to save $1,000 per year in labor, parts, and electricity compared to incandescent bulb stack towers.

PATLITE's broad range of signal light towers allows users to use them on a variety of applications quality control, lean manufacturing, productivity improvement, safety, and security, and in various industries such as packaging, medical, food & beverage, material handling, automotive, semi-conductors, printing, etc.

Patlite is dedicated to manufacturing products that will improve safety, productivity, quality and security. Patlite has become Japan's largest manufacturer of visual and audio warning devices since its beginning in 1947. As new applications emerged to match the growing market, Patlite has successfully continued to develop new visual and audio products to meet customer's demands. For more information, please visit our website at or contact one of the following:

Ross Albu

National Sales Manager

(310) 328-3222 ext. 213

Paul Mizuki

Marketing Manager

(310) 328-3222 ext. 202

Chuck Wallace

Technical Engineer

(310) 328-3222 ext. 205

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