All-Metal Flexible Coupling Eases Hot-Button Food Service Issues

Lovejoy Inc.'s 1000 Series Grid Type Coupling Addresses Food Safety and Cost

Downers Grove, Ill. - February 5, 2008 - Balancing food safety and production costs is at the forefront of food industry news. To help the industry comply with ever-tightening USDA guidelines, Lovejoy, Inc. recently announced the introduction of the USDA minded coupling series.

Food-processing industries require a heavy-duty coupling with minimal maintenance that will withstand harsh and caustic cleaning cycles and will not rust. The 1000 Series Grid Type offers all this. Food plants with brew kettles, mash tubs, dough mixers, and bottling, canning, and cereal cooker equipment will streamline operations with these couplings.

In addition to the food industry, these couplings also serve many needs in the lumber, aggregate, paper, rubber and oil industries, with multiple potential applications for metal rolling mills as well.

The 1000 Series couplings feature an advanced design with a high-tensile alloy grid that reduces vibration by as much as 30 percent, cushions shock loads, and compensates for parallel, angular and axial misalignment.

The all-metal design ensures reliable operation and long service life in relatively high ambient temperatures and in the presence of certain oils and chemicals. These flexible grid couplings combine high-torque, high-horsepower operation with vibration, shock, and misalignment capabilities not provided by other metallic couplings.

The 1000 Series is fully interchangeable with industry standard grid couplings and is available with horizontally split or vertically split covers.

The Lovejoy 1000 Series Grid type coupling employs a high-tensile, shot-peened alloy steel grid that nests in the teeth of precision-machined hubs. The spring-like grid absorbs vibration and impact energy while steadily transmitting torque between hubs. Hub teeth are specially formed with an axial curve that increases their area of grid support as the load increases, which progressively stiffens the coupling to absorb shock loads gradually. The 1000 Series employs tapered grids best suited for medium to heavy-duty applications.

All Lovejoy 1000 Series Grid type couplings handle parallel, angular and axial misalignment between shafts. Grid flexibility accommodates up to 0.022-inch of parallel offset. Under angular misalignment up to 0.25 degrees, a rocking and sliding action of grid and hubs permits smooth operation without any loss of power. The coupling's construction also forgives minor axial shaft movement, allowing end-float of both driving and driven shafts as the grid slides freely in the grooves.

About Lovejoy, Inc.

Lovejoy, Inc. is the world's premier supplier of shaft couplings and other power transmission components. With the largest product selection in the industry, extensive expertise in coupling knowledge, engineering and custom designs, Lovejoy offers optimal solutions for their customer's applications. To learn more about Lovejoy's complete line of couplings and ROSTA products, visit their Web site at, email inquiries to, or call the corporate office at 630-852-0500.

Lovejoy, Inc. is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management. Lovejoy, Inc., World Headquarters offices are at 2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA.

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