ALL Family of Companies Gives Boost to Already Substantial Wind Farm Offering

July 13, 2011 - The ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. Family of Companies has fortified its offering to the expanding wind market with major equipment purchases. Two major packages include the addition of a new Manitowoc Model 16000 400-ton crawler fleet with Wind Attachment, and several of Link-Belt's new 110-ton telescopic crawlers, the TCC-1100.

Manitowoc 16000 with Wind Attachment

ALL just purchased the 17th Manitowoc Model 16000 crawler for its fleet, and this 16000 purchase adds yet another 16000 Wind Attachment to the fleet as well. The high-efficiency, high-capacity, 400- metric-ton (440 USt) crane can lift 441 US tons at a 21-ft radius. In addition, the 16000 features a 300-ft (92m) heavy-lift boom and up to 275-ft (84m) luffing jib. And, with a 23-ft windform upper boom point, it is the premier lift crane in the wind energy segment of the market.

The sought-after 16000 Wind Attachment enables the 16000 to install most 2.5 mW wind turbines on 80m tower heights-a 44% capacity increase that ensures the ability and strength to help place any of the newest wind turbines. The Wind Attachment gives the crane enhanced lift ability when working at short radii, as is generally required in wind turbine erection.

With or without the Wind Attachment, the 16000 is well known in the wind energy market. Says Michael Liptak, president of the ALL Family of Companies, "We're proud of our fleet of 16000s. This 400-ton Manitowoc crawler has many performance features that make it a workhorse contractor's crane as well as a rigger's crane."

Link-Belt TC-1100

In its tradition of buying first-off-the-line new crane models, ALL has acquired the first three of the all-new Link-Belt 110-ton (100mt) TCC-1100 telescopic crawler cranes. "We're sold on these incredibly versatile machines. We bought the first 10 Link-Belt TCC-750 telescopic crawlers, the 75-ton model with performance that has exceeded our expectations," says Liptak.

Telescopic crawlers merge the pick-and-carry capability of an RT with the mobility and stability of a crawler, especially where tires might be a hindrance and where a flat-pad crawler can't go. Both the TCC-750 and TCC-1100 are ideal for the wind energy market, where ground conditions are poor and distances between lift sites can be long.

The TCC-1100 brings a larger 110-ton capacity along with power, mobility, and reliability. TCC-1100s are ideal for bridge and steel erection, bridges, railroads, oil fields, wind farms, and power transmission work. They can be moved to the jobsite quickly and easily, taking only four truckloads to transport, with the main load under 90,000 lbs. Onsite, they can be assembled quickly.

About ALL

Since 1964, the ALL Family of Companies has grown to become one of the largest crane and equipment rental companies in North America. The company offers its fleet of cranes, aerial work platforms, boom trucks, material handlers, and other lift equipment from strategic locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing rental, sales, service, and jobsite analysis to help customers get the right equipment for the job. An important measure of their commitment is meeting or exceeding all pertinent regulatory and safety standards. For more information, contact ALL Erection & Crane Rental at 4700 Acorn Drive, Cleveland, OH 44131. Phone: 216-524-6550. Toll free: 800-232-4100. Fax: 216-642-7633. On the Web:

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