All Aboard! Emerson Bearing Now Serving the Rail Industry

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Emerson Bearing a Boston based bearing company catering to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) markets throughout the world now supplies bearings and related products to the railroad and transportation industries. Emerson Bearing's new division for the rail industry fall into three major groups:

• Bearings for Drive Systems (transmission, traction drive, axle suspension)

• Bearings for the Chassis (wheel sets, brakes)

• Bearings for Vehicle bodies (connectors, door systems)

The product range includes high capacity ball and roller bearings for the transmission and drives as well as rod ends and control bearings for the chassis and door systems. Emerson Bearing's cylindrical roller bearings that meet the higher F1 tolerances for extended running life and reliability. These are also availble with current insulation, which can be achieved with either oxide ceramic coatings on the inner / outer rings or ceramic rolling elements.

"Getting from Point A to Point B is something most of us take for granted," said Steve Katz, president of Emerson Bearing, Inc. "The bearings that have been designed for the Rail industry provide the reliability and safety we have come to expect Emerson Bearing products. Clients like Walco Electric are already seeing the benefits of our bearings."

Emerson Bearing Marketing Specialist Joe Falvey is responsible for the Rail and Transportation Industry division. He can be reached by e-mail at or by calling 1-866-995-8760.

The Emerson Bearing Difference In a proud tradition, the same families that started the company in 1957 keep Emerson Bearing rolling by specializing in bearings for OEM and MRO markets across the country. Emerson Bearing has a staff of 22 and a 23,000 square foot facility to provide bearings ranging in size from 3mm to tunnel-boring 15-foot-diameter giants.

Emerson Bearing offers customers a one-stop shopping experience. With an online product catalog with over 3 million bearings; a vast inventory of bearings; worldwide sourcing; a fixed price program; a knowledgeable staff dedicated to delivering; same day shipping and 24/7 service, Emerson Bearing has become the leading provider of bearings to OEM and MRO markets in the U.S. Emerson Bearing maintains headquarters at 201 Brighton Ave. Boston, MA. For more information, contact 617-782-1400 or toll free, 800-225-4587, email or visit

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