Alfa Chemistry: Mxene Materials Help to Unlock Future Nanotechnologies

As various forms of nanomaterials have captured the interest of materials science researchers and developers over the last decade, the scientific team of Alfa Chemistry steps up efforts to further enlarge its product offerings. Fairly recently, the company announced the supply of Mxene materials, an innovative type of 2D nanomaterials showing plenty of interesting properties, including high conductivity, surface area, and functionalization.

The rise of Mxene could be traced back to 2011, when the first MXene nanomaterial was reported. Ever since its discovery, the family of MXenes has grown at an extraordinarily fast pace among all 2D materials of different kinds. In addition, the numbers of research areas and publications with regard to MXenes are also on the rise.

“What attracts researchers most about MXenes materials is the combination of the metallic conductivity of the transition metal carbides with hydrophilic features imparted by their hydroxyl- or oxygen-terminated surfaces,” said a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry. “The past decade has witnessed a major expansion in MXene applications covering energy storage and conversion, environment and catalysis, separation membranes, medicine, optics as well as electronics.”

Moreover, ongoing attempts have been made to afford 2D borides with more novel properties leveraging computational studies on both MXenes and their precursors.

Based on different structures, MXenes can be divided into mono transition metal MXenes, double transition metal MXenes, and divacancy MXenes. Below are some of the Mxene materials available at Alfa Chemistry:

Nb2CTx (MXene) Multilayer Nanoflake (CAS 12069-94-2), Nb4AlC3 (MAX) Phase Ceramic Material (CAS 12069-94-2), Nb4C3Tx (MXene) Multilayer Nanosheet (CAS 12069-94-2), V2AlC (MAX) Phase Ceramic Material (CAS 12070-10-9), V4C3Tx (MXene) Multilayer Nanosheet (CAS 12070-10-9), Ti3C2 Freestanding Thin Film (CAS 12316-56-2), Multilayer Ti3C2Tx MXene In-situ Loaded Nano Silver (CAS 12363-89-2), Nitrided Multilayer Ti3C2Tx (CAS 12363-89-2), Small Diameter Ti3C2Tx (MXene) Thin Layer Dispersion Solution (CAS 12363-89-2), Ti2CTx (MXene) Multilayer Nanoflake (CAS 12363-89-2), Cu-doped V2CTx Multilayer Mxene, Mo2TiAlC2 (MAX) Phase Ceramic Material, Mxene Nb4C3 Nanowire, Ni-doped Ti3C2Tx Multilayer Mxene, VNbAlC (MAX) Phase Ceramic Materials, etc.

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