AlertAlarm Protected for All Environments

E2S has upgraded the IP ratings of its AlertAlarm general signalling sounder range. All sizes in the family, the A105N (112dB), A112N (119dB) and A121 (126dB) sounders are now supplied sealed to IP66 as standard, enabling them to be installed with confidence even in the most demanding dusty or wet environments.

All units have 45 selectable tones and have at least two switchable alarm stages as standard; there is also the option of a fully programmable four-stage switching version, in which any available tone can be allocated to any of the four stages. Single, double, triple or quad stage alarm sequences can be selected from the tones provided. In addition to having a very realistic bell sound, the units can also mimic the traditional siren, enabling current-hungry and inherently unreliable devices to be replaced with an electronic equivalent. All models are synchronised when operated from the same control supply and are available in a choice of red and grey colours.

The latest extension to the market-leading AlertAlarm family is the SpectraAlarm range, combined sounder-beacon units that adds the new Spectra beacons to the AlertAlarm sounders in a single housing to give visual reinforcement of the audible warning. A choice of flashing xenon, rotating mirror and LED technologies are available.

E2S is the world's leading independent signalling manufacturer. A comprehensive range of signalling products for industrial, marine, and explosion proof environments are designed and manufactured at the West London, England facility.

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