AirLoc Wedgmounts Provide Building Floor Load Support & Vibration Isolation

It is a common occurrence that upper floor loadings in existing buildings are changed
with the installation of new and frequently heavier machinery. Therefore, existing
floors may reach their load limits.

In addition, there is danger of exciting critical vibration frequencies when floors, with low natural frequencies, are coupled with the disturbing frequencies of machinery
supported on them. In such cases, it is seldom practical to provide isolation directly
under the equipment. The inherent stiffness of the floor must be raised by structural

The application of AirLoc adjustable floor supports meets these requirements. The
installation of AirLoc Wedgmount Precision Levelers offers a practical solution by
providing resilient adjustable supports at points determined by load distribution and/or measurements of the floor frequencies. Thus, the calculated load is fully supported and leveled by Wedgmounts, and can be finely tuned at any time under full load.

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