AirLoc Positioning Wedgmount® Provides Precise 3-Axis Positioning

One of the major US auto manufacturers required a precise, 3-axis, positioning
mount for their engine block transfer lines. "Wing" machines on the line required
precise locating from machine to machine for component assembly. AirLoc already
had a very precise vertical leveling Wedgmount design with their model 2120-KSC
and needed to find a way to provide precise two axis horizontal positioning as well.
The mount shown below was designed for this specific purpose and has proven
effective with precise adjustment being possible in all three axis.

The 2120-KSC Wedgmount, with vertical adjusting bolt, floats on a grid of ball
bearings and can be easily positioned by adjusting the bolts on four sides of the
bottom housing. This engineered solution is an example of AirLoc's capability to
provide special designs to solve unique machine leveling problems.

For more information regarding AirLoc Wedgmounts® or other leveling & isolation
products, contact our headquarters in Franklin, MA or your regional AirLoc

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