AIM Technology Offers New, Richer Package of Performance Management Products for Contact Centers

Software Applications Suite Redefines Contact Center Optimization by Merging Human Performance Processes with Performance Management Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, June 11 -- AIM Technology, the emerging leader in performance management software solutions for contact centers, today announced that it has expanded its core software platform to provide a suite of performance management software applications that deliver bottom-line value to users with lower initial risk.

The new software modules have been designed as out-of-the-box workflow applications for contact centers and other service environments and can be used individually or in combination. With this release, AIM Technology automates key business processes such as performance reviews, coaching, career development planning and attendance management through scorecards, reporting, analytics and data integration. Contact center managers can implement these applications to streamline and integrate the key processes that lower costs, drive revenue and improve customer service.

Each of AIM Technology's new applications addresses a different aspect of the performance and business process issues of employee motivation, measurement and management. Nine new modules are planned with the initial six shipping Q3 2007. The newly-available applications are AIM Performance Review, AIM Rewards, AIM Coaching, AIM Scorecards, AIM KPI and AIM Attendance. The remaining applications, AIM Career, AIM Compensation and AIM Attrition Analyzer, are expected to ship Q4 2007.

"In order to make any operation more efficient, an organization must have both awareness and understanding of its performance," said Albert Pang, Research Director, Enterprise Applications at IDC Research. "Increasingly, the ability to gauge performance as well as analyze and produce meaningful reports can have a significant positive impact. AIM Technology has aptly addressed the human side of performance management in its newest product family with applications that can help agents and business managers improve all around."

"Performance Management of Contact Centers and the workforce is a critical investment that drives important leverage of people and processes to reach customer and operational objectives," said Mark Smith, CEO & EVP Research at Ventana Research. "AIM Technology has brought together critical components of leveraging call center agents through rewards, coaching and performance-related capabilities into a suite of applications built on top of a common platform."

Today, help desk, call center and a host of other service managers rely on mostly manual processes for managing their number one asset, people. By automating and linking these key tasks and actions, these managers can now align their daily business actions and link them to their underlying operational data systems, reports and analysis. In doing so, organizations can optimize their teams to drive day-to-day time and costs savings, revenue and service, and ultimately, drive reductions in employee attrition.

"Asking managers to complete monthly reviews for every individual contact center employee is an arduous task, requiring loads of forms," said Tony Hayward, Chief Executive Officer and President of AIM Technology. "AIM Performance Review simplifies this process, using the information culled from a contact center's existing data systems and reporting the results of analytics. The application also provides automatic alerts, enabling online feedback and integration with HR systems to make everyone's jobs easier and, in turn, helping make an organization more efficient." A contact center using AIM Performance Review could also leverage AIM Coaching and/or AIM Rewards to help motivate and manage its employees.

Applications such as AIM Coaching offer supervisors more time to work directly with agents, help agents understand exactly what they need to do to take their performance to the next level. If a customer wants to add another application such as AIM Rewards, they can tie into an online incentive program so that the organization can recognize employees with non-cash incentives-with very little incremental effort.

Hayward added, "Built-in data connectors and automatic reminders are the critical elements that help customers get up and running as soon as they are ready. Other services, such as our periodic health checks, ensure that customers are always satisfied with their solution."

The AIM Performance platform integrates with a contact center's disparate data-driven systems such as customer databases, workforce management, quality control, customer relationship management and automated call dialers. The system also provides a clear image of how agents are performing against key performance indicators. The AIM platform can tie together many online systems, allowing supervisors and executives to gain insight not available with a single tracking system.

For many customers hoping to leverage business intelligence, AIM Technology performance management applications are now easier to own with a modular approach. A multi-million dollar investment is no longer required to reap the benefits of world-class analysis and reporting technology. The company also provides several options for delivering software to its customers. In addition to perpetual licenses, managed services and hosted services, AIM Technology is the first performance management vendor to offer Software as a Service for its customers who wish to buy subscriptions.

About AIM Technology

AIM Technology provides performance management software solutions for the contact center. Embracing a continuous cycle of motivating, measuring and managing employees, AIM solutions enable users to improve customer service, lower staff attrition, increase employee job satisfaction and contribute to their organization's sustained growth. AIM Technology is headquartered in San Francisco and London with offices in Denver and Boston. For more information please visit

AIM Performance Applications - Descriptions

AIM Scorecards

AIM Scorecards are web-based dashboards that enable agents and managers to have a shared view of performance achievement against revenue, service level, rewards, efficiency, and other target objectives. (available now)

AIM Rewards

AIM Rewards is a unified workflow application that allows managers and agents to create, view, track, and redeem rewards that are not based directly on commissions or compensation. (available now)

AIM Compensation

AIM Compensation allows employees to view and track their current level of incentive-based pay through reports or performance scorecards-quickly and easily. The application integrates data from enterprise applications, such as HR and Order Management, with contact center systems. (available Q4 2007)

AIM Performance Review

AIM Performance Review is a workflow application that allows agents, team leaders, and other employees to accelerate, streamline, and measure the review process. (available now)

AIM Attrition Analyzer

AIM Attrition Analyzer integrates analytics, reporting, historical metrics, and survey-based performance data in order to gain insight into the relationship between agent groupings of various attrition levels and their associated skill sets, historical performance trends against critical KPIs, frequency of reviews and coaching, and other measures. (available Q4)

AIM Attendance

AIM Attendance is a data capture and measurement application that enables insight and analysis of the true causes of extended periods or trends of absenteeism. (available now)

AIM Coaching

AIM Coaching is a workflow application that automates, measures, and monitors the overall coaching process. The application also provides comprehensive reporting and analytics that allow managers and supervisors to monitor session completion, measure coaching effectiveness, and perform other ad hoc analysis. (available now)

AIM Career

AIM Career allows you to identify, promote, and motivate your best performing employees by giving them a well-defined path to advancement, ensuring that an organization continually challenges and appropriately compensates its best achievers. (available Q4 2007)


AIM KPI allows business analysts and other managers to understand and analyze the relative importance and desired weighting of KPIs. The AIM KPI editor allows analysts to adapt targets or KPI calculations to refine an organization's ability to achieve business or efficiency objectives. (available now)

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