AFC-Holcroft Boosts Order Bookings in 2017

(November, 2017) Robust bookings in 2017 are leading to a strong order backlog at AFC-Holcroft for the foreseeable future.

Of special note were a large number of complete UBQA (Universal Batch Quench Austemper) lines, with orders distributed among different customers serving a variety of industries. AFC-Holcroft is well known as a leading furnace supplier for equipment used for austempering and marquenching. Metal components subjected to the austempering process are shown to have improved mechanical properties such as strength and toughness along with improved distortion control during processing.

Additionally, sales of the company’s flagship UBQ (Universal Batch Quench) integral batch quench systems were strong, as were the popular EZ™ endothermic gas generators, rotary hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces and mesh belt equipment. Also a Flexiclean system provided by AFC-Holcroft’s sister division AICHELIN Heat Treat Systems is also significant. Additionally, many customers chose 2017 as the time to upgrade and/or retrofit existing equipment, and a number of orders were received to modernize facilities with the latest IoT technology.

Sales globally include a high number of deliveries into the USA, Canada and Mexico as well as new equipment installations in Australia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

“It’s been a very good year with strong global bookings from both existing customers as well as a number of new customers. This is a testament to the many hard working team members here at AFC-Holcroft who continue to strive for excellence,” said Tracy Dougherty, Sales Manager at AFC-Holcroft. “We look forward to the future with excitement and optimism as we expand our product offering through a continued technology exchange with the AICHELIN Group.”

AFC-Holcroft has responded to the increased order bookings by extending working hours, adding experienced personnel to its staff, adding new technology and continually improving processes to keep promised delivery dates.

The company remains optimistic for 2018 to also present a strong order book.

About AFC-Holcroft:

Founded in 1916, AFC-Holcroft, is one of the US market leaders in the production of industrial furnace equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company manufactures turn-key heat treating systems for applications including commercial heat treating, bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining, aluminum heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries.

Headquartered in Wixom, Michigan, AFC-Holcroft operates its own subsidiaries in China and Switzerland and has a global presence through a network of partners located in Australia, Brasil, China, India, Mexico, Poland and Spain.

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About AICHELIN Holding:

AICHELIN Group, as part of BERNDORF Group, is a manufacturer and provider of after-sale-services of industrial furnace plants for different industry segments. AICHELIN Group operates in the field of induction heating and in the manufacturing of industrial gas burner systems. The group operates production sites in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, the US, China, and India. AICHELIN Group employs 1,100 employees worldwide and thus ranges among the largest producers of heat treatment plants.

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