Aerovox Ships 3 Million Defibrillator Capacitors with Zero Field Failures

The company’s film capacitors hold up better in the field than comparable electrolytic capacitors.

New Bedford, MA (April 23, 2018) - Aerovox Corp., a worldwide market leader in film capacitors announces a milestone. The company has shipped over 3 million lifesaving defibrillator capacitors with NO field failures. Reliable, high functioning capacitors in defibrillators are crucial, failures can potentially result in death.

Why do film capacitors perform better than electrolytics in defibrillators?
As modern defibrillators add more features and technology to their systems and, as they are used in harsher environments, the temperature range required for components to operate properly is increasing. Film capacitors perform much better at these higher temperature ranges. Electrolytic capacitor performance declines the higher the temperature.

Additionally, defibrillators deliver high energy – 400 joules or more. Aerovox capacitors have a 2 joules per cubic centimeter capability (vs. 1 to 1.5 in competitive film offerings) which allows the device to be smaller, lighter and easier to handle. Film capacitors also have low leakage currents, and low dissipation losses, which ensures the delivery of the correct energy when the defibrillator is activated.

Aerovox Corp. manufactures film capacitors for a broad range of applications. Aerovox defibrillator capacitors are designed and manufactured in a ISO9001: 2015 quality management system. Aerovox also offers custom designs, wet or dry construction and sizes to fit any capacitance need.

“Our focus is on delivering high quality, high reliability film capacitors for defibrillators to assure reliable performance in the field for these life saving devices,” said Jim Faughnan, Aerovox President and CEO, “We are proud to have reached a 3 million capacitor delivery milestone with no field failures.”

About Aerovox Corp

Aerovox is a leading provider of film capacitors for industrial, medical, military/aerospace and specialized applications serving original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and distributors. The company has worldclass design, manufacturing and testing facilities in New Bedford, Massachusetts and global manufacturing facilities in China and India to enable quick turn-around for shipping and delivery worldwide. Aerovox capacitors are among the world’s most reliable electronic components. The company’s extensive custom design and development capabilities coupled with its broad, standardized product offerings allow it to provide intelligent capacitor solutions that meet or exceed customers’ application requirements.

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