Advanced Tandem Pleat Technology Blows Away Competition in Filter Performance

Fab-Tex Filtration is pleased to announce great success in applications utilizing our own Advanced Tandem Pleat Technology. This proprietary method of construction is designed to replace traditional polyester cartridge filters in most equipment. Dust Collectors, Pneumatic Conveying Equipment, Regenerative Air Street Sweeping Machines and Powder Coating Booths will all see increased filter efficiencies and this technology can also be adapted to numerous other cartridge filtration applications.

Tandem Pleat construction involves the addition of a rigid plastic mesh pleated in combination with the filter media to provide 100% pleat support. Adding Tandem Pleat Technology will eliminate the dead spots seen on a traditional filter where the air flow is restricted because of outside air pressure forcing the pleat to collapse upon itself. Fab-Tex Filtration's Tandem Pleat Technology is engineered to provide a complete utilization of the filter media so no filter area is lost due to this effect.

Both laboratory and field tests have proven adding Tandem Pleat construction to a filter provides 30% to 40% higher efficiency on sub micron particulate in the range of 0.3 to 0.7 microns. Dust loading tests confirmed Tandem Pleat filters will provide greater air handling capacity than other filters not utilizing this innovative manufacturing technique.

Advanced Tandem Pleat Technology is available for use on most replacement filter cartridges and in numerous industrial applications where dust control is necessary.

About Fab-Tex Filtration,
Fab-Tex Filtration develops, designs and manufactures custom air filtration products for industrial air pollution control and dust collecting equipment. With over 40 years of experience in the air filtration industry, our principal has been a leader in developing new technologies for the cartridge filter aftermarket. A family run business, Fab-Tex prides itself on our ability to customize and build a filter product to maximize the exact requirements of our customers air filtration needs. For more information, please visit our website or speak to our Technical Sales Representatives at 888-932-2839.

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