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Jun 13, 2007 -

Motek - Beverly Hills, CA

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Advanced Quality Logistics Goes Live in 30 Days with Motek's Priya Warehouse Management System

Press release date: May 21, 2007

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - May 21, 2007 - Advanced Quality Logistics (AQL), an emerging retail 3PL company, implemented Motek's Windows-based Priya® Warehouse Management System (WMS) in a record 30 days, enabling the company to aggressively court and win business while processing complicated, high volume orders with 99.9% accuracy.

"In the 15 years I've been implementing warehouse management systems at third party logistics companies, I've never seen a system as comprehensive and easy to use as Priya," said AQL's managing director Owen Schmidt. "Without a doubt, Priya gives us a competitive advantage against established 3PLs vying for new business, while supporting organic growth from existing accounts."

Priya directs every step of AQL's customer inventory management, from the time it arrives in bulk containers to the minute it ships to retail outlets. Using wave picking and Priya's handheld RF devices, workers can select and consolidate inventory for multiple orders simultaneously. Inventory is sorted by individual retail order and value-added services. Priya directs workers to add store labels, UPC stickers or security tags at centralized pack stations. Upon completion, inventory is scanned and Priya generates shipping labels and packing lists to ensure order accuracy. Priya manages inventory, calculates fees for specialized services, and automatically generates invoices which are exported to QuickBooks and sent to AQL customers.

"Priya's flexibility enabled us to meet every requirement despite an aggressive deployment schedule," said Motek project manager Fran Rifkin. "Moteks proprietary, 22-step implementation process, Tycan, kept the project on track and under budget."

AQL now has the infrastructure in place to handle their aggressive growth without sacrificing customer service. "With Priya, AQL speeds accurate orders to retailers across North American, enabling them to bring the world's best retail products to their customers," Schmidt added.

About AQL

Advanced Quality Logistics (AQL) specializes in third party logistics and distribution serving the retail supply chain throughout Northern America, Canada, Europe and Asia. AQL services include comprehensive distribution and transportation services supporting high volume pick and pack plus case/pallet shipping to all major retail chains, specialty stores and direct to consumer. Utilizing best in class vendor/partners such as Motek, AQL provides advanced, real-time distribution information electronically to its' customers via EDI interfaces and web site portal. AQL conveniently located in San Pedro, California operating from a class "A" facility, ocean/air landed freight is received timely and at reduced transportation costs compared to facilities located farther inland providing a cost effective solution for the customer.

About Motek® -

Founded in 1991, Motek is the warehouse management software technology leader. Motek's single, all-inclusive product, Priya, is the only Tier 1 Microsoft Windows®-based WMS available today. Motek's reputation for innovation began when the Smithsonian Institute recognized it for being the first RF WMS on a PC. Since then, Motek has been the first WMS on Windows, the first WMS with real-time engineered labor standards, and the first Windows®-based WMS with voice recognition.