Advanced Metal Etching Adds Fiber Laser Machines to Accompany its Chemical Etching Services for Increased Capacity and Capabilities to Serve Industries with Growing Technologies

Fiber laser cutting is an industry generating large opportunities for metal part production.

Advanced Metal Etching, a leading custom chemical etching manufacturer of flat metal parts, added two fiber lasers to allow cutting metal parts up to .250" in thickness. The move increases capacity for a growing customer base due to new technologies.

In today's world, industry growth relies heavily on the latest technologies like robotic automation, autonomous vehicles, and 5G to innovate and stay ahead of competitors. This has led to a trend in fiber laser cutting- a new technology that uses fiber optic cables to transmit high-powered laser beams at extremely precise wavelengths with unparalleled power capability.

Like most new technologies fiber lasers have been incorporated into many industries including automotive, aerospace, and medical device for many types of applications that require nickel alloys, aluminum alloys, steel and copper alloys.

Fiber laser cutting has been deployed in a range of industries for metal parts production. One example would be fiber laser cutting services used to produce aluminum aerospace components, which often have a high degree of complexity and a need for greater tolerances compared to other metals.

"We can now offer industries a wider range of metal cutting thickness from .002" up to .250" with the ability to serve the automotive and aerospace industries who are constantly adopting new technologies into their products

Fiber lasers can produce the smaller more precise features needed for medical devices and wearable technology. In some instances, combined with our chemical etching services, we can achieve low tolerances on greater thicknesses without compromising part features.

While chemical etching is generally more cost-effective for small to medium runs for less complex parts, fiber lasers will be a more affordable option for production on a larger scale. Incorporating state-of-the-art machinery into our production processes means that we can provide more efficient solutions than ever before for a wide range of sheet metal part dimensions and thicknesses."- Blake Geer/Co-President, Advanced Metal Etching, Inc.

Fiber lasers have more advantages over other metal cutting methods such as CO2 lasers, water jet machines, plasma lasers, and electrical discharge machines (EDM) by providing faster speeds, greater throughput, high precision, and more power to achieve longer production runs with better consistency.

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