Advanced Input Systems to Market Haptic Touch Screen Surface Actuation Technology by Pacinian

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Esterline Advanced Input Systems (Advanced Input)and Pacinian Corporation have formalized an agreement to market Pacinian's HapticTouch(TM) Surface Actuation System technology.

The agreement allows Advanced Input to manufacture and distribute input device products incorporating Pacinian's HapticTouch(TM) technology. Advanced Input and Pacinian will market to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in select vertical markets worldwide. Advanced Input will provide engineering and manufacturing services required for custom integration of the HapticTouch(TM) technology in various user interface products.

HapticTouch(TM) is a technology that generates tactile feedback on touch screens and other touch surfaces providing users a more intuitive experience. Pacinian's technology allows Advanced Input to provide its customers a high quality and economical "touch feedback" solution in future touch screen integration projects.

Jacqueline Ram, Vice President for Advanced Input said, "Adding more capability and functionality to user interfaces helps our customers elevate their products above the competition. Esterline's Interface Technologies platform of companies continues to add more exciting technologies and capabilities to our repertoire of design offerings to ensure our customers have that competitive edge." Ram also noted "the multi-modal addition of haptic technology to the traditional keyboard, touch panel, or pointing device measurably increases interface usability. For example, when designing user interfaces for noisy or high-vibration applications, the addition of tactile feedback in the visual, audible, or gestural realm increases efficiency, accuracy, and overall satisfaction with the device."

Jim Schlosser, Pacinian's CEO said, "We are excited to work with a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of custom input devices. This new partnership with Advanced Input is a significant milestone for Pacinian. We look forward to Advanced Input utilizing the HapticTouch(TM) technology and expect Advanced Input and their customers to benefit from the value our haptic technology delivers."

Advanced Input will showcase the technology in their booth at Electronica (Munich, Germany) November 9-12, 2010. Both companies expect to see the HapticTouch(TM) technology integrated into OEM products in 2011.

About Esterline Advanced Input Systems
Esterline Advanced Input Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Esterline Technologies Corporation (NYSE:ESL). Advanced Input Systems engineers and manufactures custom input devices and control panels for the medical, industrial, defense, and gaming industries. Esterline is a leading specialty manufacturer of highly engineered products for aerospace, defense and medical markets. Advanced Input Systems operates within Esterline's Interface Technologies platform with a focus on technology interface systems for commercial and military aircraft and similar devices for land- and sea-based military vehicles, secure communications systems, specialized medical equipment, and other high-end industrial applications.

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About Pacinian

Pacinian develops and licenses high fidelity haptic solutions based on its proprietary HapticTouch(TM) Surface Actuation technology. HapticTouch(TM) solutions are optimized for frequency response, power efficiency, simplicity, and reliability. HapticTouch(TM) delivers a natural, nearly instantaneous tactile response resulting in a more intuitive and satisfying user experience. Pacinian provides custom haptic actuation solutions to the automotive, computing, consumer, industrial, and medical markets.

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