Achieve Signal Integrity with ETS Digital Audio Baluns and Balun Panels

Achieve signal integrity with ETS Digital Audio Baluns and Balun Panels

Connect AES/EBU signals from XLR output to 75 ohm unbalanced coax cabling.

The ETS Digital Audio Baluns and Panels are designed to connect AES/EBU signals from XLR output equipment into standard 75 ohm unbalanced coax cabling systems.These baluns perform precise impedance matching and signal balancing, enabling AES/EBU signals to be transmitted with greater signal integrity and longer runs over unbalanced coaxial cable than can be achieved with STP wiring. Isolated versions are available for Video Distribution Amplifiers and router applications.

Separate baluns or rack-mountable panel versions allow for a monitor port for each channel. These panels have isolated output and monitor ports to route signals via video patch bays and eliminate ground loops. A 10 dB pad is available to attenuate signals to 1 VP-P for compatibility with VDA and router equipment.

These time-honored standbys are perfect for broadcast control rooms, recording studios, television studios and satellite TV facilities.

About ETS - Woman Owned Small Business

Since 1967, ETS began with custom-made transformers and in 1981 continued as innovators of balun, hub, adapter and splitter technology. ETS has provided media conversion solutions for analog or digital audio, analog or digital video, sending and receiving signals over Cat 5e, 6 or 6a UTP or STP. ETS also provides solutions with "made in the USA" custom designed products.

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